Monday, September 20, 2010

The New Long, Fall Trend #1

Every now & then we find a key trend both young & old,
rich & poor, lamb or tiger,  short or tall,  can wear.
This year it's this one.
The New Long.
Blended into many collections for Fall, here are my 5 favorites.

Richard Chai Love NYC

My personal favorite is this knock-out by
Dries Von Noten
love the detail in the skirt including a little tiny train, sweat-look over tee,
& the colors are beautiful.

Michael Kors
sweater over sequined skirt
I love the look of you almost didn't try to get dressed up,
& right now this is smashing.

Marc Jacobs, NYC
maybe somewhere in the back of your closet you have a long beaded skirt
that used to be a suit...get it out, update the look with a sweater top.

Marc for Louis Vuitton

Imagine finding a vintage skirt similar to this, pop on a sweater (cashmere or not),
and go to a gala.

I'm swooning...

This is the idea of the Olsen girls collection called The Row...they are petite
and they both design & wear these oversized, long columns, wearing them
day & night.  More on them later.




that precious Michelle @ Rococo & Caffeine


Rest of this week will be devoted to the trends of Fall fashion,
all selected by me,
not copied from someone else's blog or publication. 
My thoughts on how to be current & updated
without breaking the bank.

Clean Chic (minimal),  Leather & Lace,  Urban Country.
We've done the Little Black Dress, worn new.
And, now The New Long.

come back, ladies, we'll have a latte

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Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Marsha, As always you keep me on the cuttting and beautiful edge. I love the beaded skirt!
xo Yvonne

Jacqueline said...

I love them all but, I have to say that I would LOVE the last one....I'm not sure where I would wear it though !!
Congrats to Michelle....what a fabulous giveaway to have won. You will have much happy browsing with that book.


Yvonne, these straight skirts would be SO easy for you to make yourself, find a sweater/top you love & the sequined/lame/glittery fabric that matches enough for you to love it...and voila you have a new outfit. xx's

La Petite Gallery said...

I am tring to figure what to wear to a Long Island Hamptons wedding in Dec. I don't want a lot of luggage for 3 days. Marsha, got some ideas.. Remember I am Old..
I loved the sweater and long skirt look..

Mona Thompson said...

Marsha, I can just see you in any one of these. You would be stunning!

Plantress said...

thank the Lord I can finally get those long knit skirts back out. Now where did I put them? I really like the new lightweight duster sweaters-have you seen those?

Ann said...

Nice to have you back! Funny, I usually have my laptop's sound off, but tonight it was on. I opened your blog and as I was admiring the outfits, this music started. I was stumped for a minute. Like being at a fashion show!

I agree- you'd probably look great in all of the outfits!


Fifi Flowers said...

sadly... Fifi is too short to wear these fashions... le sigh!

Renae said...

Marsha....hmmmm,not so sure for me! I don't like the balance at all with the bulky sweaters over the skirts. :( sorry! Plus I'm not 9 feet tall!

Sue Jack said...

I adore these looks with the long skirts....I would need more of a fitted sweater on top though....
Seeing these (and getting through a 92 degree day today) makes me so excited for cool weather!
Thank you for sharing this very chic post!

Style Attic said...

Well, we should all be warm and stylishly toasty in such gear! I love the idea of a sparkle bottom and grounded top. I can't wait to see what else you have planned. Thanks for the visual and Monday inspiration for looking the part :) XO, Kelly

My Owl Barn said...

Long sequined skirt with sweaters is a perfect fall look!

Francine Gardner said...

I just love these looks and ....I have a long sheer beaded skirt!
You are totally correct about the silver making. Jaana makes and design her own silver in her Chang Mai workshop. The price range is from $600 to $1000. Your comment was very appreciated and I share it with her

Ashley DeLen said...

I love long sleeves and long skirts. I just think I like them when they are more vintage East coast. But who knows this could grow on me?!!!

Have a simply fab Tuesday!!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Really remarkable but more for the younger person, these models looked so elegant.
Loved the post.


quintessence said...

Love your style! But I already knew that. I adore the long look - the Michael Kors is great and he also showed a spectacular long black fishtail cashmere skirt with a white silk blend man tailored blouse and camel jacket that was also smashing. Sat next to a cute girl at the Milly show in a cashmere sweater and full skirt - she looked adorable - in fact The Sartolialist featured her. Thank goodness MK continued with long into the spring season. GREAT POST.

Nuit said...

i LOVED this post!!! {what else is new right Marsha}

Do post on the Olsens, I love their style :) xoxox

Sandra said...

Marsha, I'm sitting here wondering why we're sending so much foreign aid to third world countries when, obviously, these women NEED groceries!
Mercy. God love their hearts.