Thursday, October 7, 2010

Christmas at Neiman-Marcus

as worn on The Good Wife this week

The Best of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book,
Including that $1.5 Million Chihuly Pool Sculpture Installation
You Always Needed

Yes, it’s that time of year again.
You can now officially start your holiday shopping.
The somewhat anachronistic yet always entertaining Neiman Marcus Holiday Book,
now in its 84th edition, was released yesterday.

As WWD noted today, for the second year in a row,  almost half the items in the catalog
are less than $250, with 63 ringing in at $100 or less.
But don’t worry—the ridiculous, over-the-top fantasy items
that we’ve come to expect every year are still there.

For starters, there is a $7,500 gourd ukulele made by Danny Ferrington,
who crafts handmade instruments for the likes of
Keith Richards, Elvis Costello, and, uh, Tony Blair.

Or for a mere $125,000 you can snag an Avion tequila party.
Celeb event planner Colin Cowie will style and plan the event and
Todd English will cook for you and 75 of your friends.
(No mention of whether they will also provide a home big enough to fit 75 people.)

Click through the entire Christmas Book for some of this year’s best offerings...
this is a really fun book to view, so please take the time to look...just the
ensembles they put together are magnificient...

for me there is no contest, I love Dale Chihuly's work, so it would
have to be the pool installation of his...
At the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas the entire ceiling of the gigantic lobby
is Chihuly's flowers, with pieces of his in each & every public room in
the hotel, which become the point of reference for the decor. 
When Steve Wynn opened the Bellagio it was the ultimate hotel on the
planet,  I believe.  Now that MGM-Grand owns it, there are baby strollers
(children were not allowed in Mr. Wynn's enclave), and no exclusivity at all,
the place is packed with "tourists"  looking at the physical plant, having no
intention of even buying a cocktail, much less staying there.
This is the rant of the week...a new feature. :)
Now, for the SHOES of the season:

the one & only

kitten heels & ankle straps
(not gladiator boots)

loving them loving them loving them

hey Tish, this is for you!!

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  1. You are too chic! I have never even see the catalogue! I guess I should see the extravagence I can't afford!
    Love the shoes!!!! Do they come in an 11?
    xo Yvonne

  2. i LOVE Valentino!! I am coveting a navy zip sweater coat, with ruffle of course, I saw last week - it was just SO fabulous - go with everything from jeans to dressy. Long sigh...And I adore those shoes - unfortunately I don't have feet that appreciate being squeezed into those pointy toes but I do love the way they look.

  3. I'll skip the Chihuly and the Valentino shoes.
    The red suit, on the other hand, might end up in my closet.

  4. Again my day have started looking at the wonderful fashions you put on your post,
    Thank you.


  5. I love the NM Christmas catalogue!!
    I miss receiving the hard copy ... even though e-magazines are all the rage now, I still love feeling the pages instead of clicking a button on a keyboard.
    Great V shoes ... loving the kitten heel.
    Have a great weekend Marsha xx

  6. Hi,my dear M;-)*

    I swa that catalog...and I have no words,just wordless,great!!!
    I am busy...draw,making shape for a beauty jacket;-)*


  7. LOVE that catalog too! (and those shoes you posted above! YUM!)

  8. OMG you are so adorable and funny, this post made my day :)

    Oh! and Marsha, I DO need an ukulele asap. No, I can't play. But that would be the coolest thing in my house!!!


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