Thursday, October 28, 2010


My daughter, Vanessa, is moving from Orlando to
Austin, Texas...whoo hoo.
And, I signing off until she is
settled into her new home & begins her new
position at the not-yet-opened W Hotel
which is a part of Starwood Hotels & Resorts.


  1. CONGRATS,CONGRATS,CONGRATS,my dearest Marsha!!!

    Wish you and you daughter many,many success in those not easy challenge:-)*

    My hugs and Love to you,

  2. Good luck with everything Marsha, missing you already!

    PS Am so sad about Daddy Butch, hope you saw my post :( xx

  3. Hope all goes smoothly! Take Care Marsha!~

  4. I am so happy for you, Marsha!

    My daughter is in NYC and I can't wait till she moves back. I keep my fingers crossed.

    Enjoy your time with her, even though you'll be working hard.


  5. Hi Marsha,
    Wishing your daughter many happy times in her new home. Enjoy your time with your daughter and hurry back....we will miss you.
    Have fun and don't work too hard !! XXXX

  6. Oh that is the greatest news! Austin is so great too! Loved living there for 7 more years after graduation. Have fun playing house! She's lucky to have a mom like you.
    xo Lisa

  7. Very exciting - how nice to have your daughter closer to home. Good luck to her with her move and exciting new job. Look forward to hearing from you upon your return to the blogosphere!

  8. Hi hon
    Good luck with the move and I wish you special times with your daughter.

  9. Marsha this is so exciting!! There is a W Hotel right up the street from me!!!

    Art by Karena

  10. Austin is a great place--your daughter will love it! Love your banner--those shoes are to die for. Is that necklace your design? I'm in love!!

  11. Big xoxoxox's to all of you, and thanks for the lovely comments. I'm still reading while wrapped up in bubble-wrapping.

  12. oMG!!! nice!!! I have been so busy with my new job I have totally neglected you dear Marsha, I miss you so much.... have fun with the exciting move!!! oxoxoxoxoxx

  13. This is the best news!I am so happy for you! I would love to have my daughter near!
    I'm sharing in your joy!!!

  14. That is wonderful news about your daughter! Hope the move goes well and that you'll have time to check in. Will miss you. xx C

  15. That is great news about your daughter!
    I'll miss you whilst you are away but hope that all goes well.

    xx C

  16. this sounds like a wonderful thing.

    i bet you are excited!!

    xxx good luck and don't work too hard

  17. I agree with Yvonne, I too would adore it my youngest daughter could move to be nearer to us!I just know that you will enjoy every second,and hope the packing and moving goes off without a hitch! Good Luck to Vanessa with her new position too!

    Jane x

  18. That's great news! Moving in a positive direction :) XOXO

  19. So nice for you to have her closer to home!New W hotel should be a great job - good luck to her!!

  20. Good luck, darling! Hope it's all going well! xoxo

  21. Congratulations to your sweet Vanessa! That is so exciting, what a great opportunity! You will be so happy to have her close by, I know it :) Sending hugs Marsha, thinking of you lots and look forward to your return! xoxoxo Trishy

  22. Marsha, moving is so hard, but just think you have your Daughter. Have you heard about Valerie (Visual Vamp)??? Friday Benifit..


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