Friday, November 12, 2010

Eye Candy

Bottego Veneta Signature Nero Matte Python
Convertible Bag

Oh, I know, the price.  Yes, well.  For as long as I can remember
I have coveted a leather Bottaga handbag; I still don't have one
& probably never will.  There are iconic handbags in every
designer collection around the world, I don't want a Birkin, I
want a Bottega.  Just picking up a new one, right out of the
showcase, causes one to realize the impeccable craftsmanship
& quality as well as the complete wearability.  One could
own one of the glorious handbags FOREVER & it would
look splendid the whole time.

What handbag do you obsess over?


  1. hi Marsha H. this is Carol H. I once saw a bag a woman was carrying, it was vintage, leather and the most attractive bag I have ever seen. Did i ask whose it was??? hell no. :(

  2. Tried and true Louis Vuitton, I know classic, and there are many beautiful designers out there that rival however, I am still a big fan.

    Have a lovely week end, gorgeous photo's and eloquent music to sooth one's soul.


  3. I too can skip the Birkin and the Kelly. I want a crocodile bag by Ferragamo.


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