Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Inspiration for Thanksgiving

these photos are from one of my
favorite blogs, Belgian Pearls, which is
written by the lovely Greet Lefevre whose beautiful blog
can be found here .


  1. What lovely inspiration you have provided. The setting - and the table - in the first images is just simply fabulous... I'll take my plate to THAT table please. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Beautiful!!!!!!
    Happy Thanksgivings to you,

  3. Hi Marsha
    I love reading your blog .... and also love when I read your comments on my blog.
    Thank you!
    When you come to visit Brazil?

  4. Marsha - these are spectacular! Greet has such amazing style. If I don't "speak" with you, have a marvelous holiday!

  5. Yes Greet and her blog are both wonderful. Always full of inspiration and stunning pictures.

    Lovely decor here - and Mamma Mia, just look at the windows in pic no 1..!

    xx Charlotta


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