Monday, December 27, 2010

The Look

Boucle Tweed Jacket, Sheer Pin Tucked Blouse, Chains of
Turquoise Jewelry, Black Tights, Slim Jeans, High Heels,
the buyer from a St. Petersburg boutique at Spring Fashion Week
in Paris.

I'm in my new home, it's a huge mess, but I have my computer
up & running again. 

 I have missed all of you and cannot wait to catch up.
Gwen, Christina & Simone, I have necklaces & earrings ready
to send to you. 

Love & Happy New Year !!


  1. Moving is never easy. Kudos to you!

    Look at it this way- now you don't have to clean things out for a good long while! You've already organized.

  2. and your new house is ??? really glad you are getting settled in! I am thinking of selling my house in 2011 but cannot even begin to imagine doing it as like everyone of us I have too much stuff. Did your house sell? Love to you and your family. Your friend, Carol

  3. Hi Marsha,
    Happy New Year for you!!!

  4. Dear Marsha, I'd rather buy the flat upstairs than ever move again. I feel for you. I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas. Thinking of you, love C xx

  5.'ve moved home!
    And had and double wow!

    Hope you get straight soon Marsha,in the
    meantime, I sending you many wishes for
    a very Happy New Year!

    Hugs Jane


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