Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Girls, The Fur's Flying

from the blog "Ruffled"

We all know the ethical arguments against using real fur.
I LOVE all animals & would condemn all hunting (yes, even deer), trapping, 
or raising for commercial usage.

We also know there are some winter climes where NOTHING else
can keep one warm.

Today, I concentrating on the whimsy of fake & fun with a little real,  maybe
vintage (like the bride's) .

These are just pretty pictures for our visual enjoyment,
not a statement for wearing fur.
Please, no hate mail...I would cry.


Go see Quintessence's post on the alpine regions today.


Blondie said...

Amazing photos! I can't believe how gorgeous her eyes are! Kori xoxo

Splenderosa said...

I know, that eye makeup would look good on anyone, any time of the day or evening.

quintessence said...

Oh Marsha - just went to leave a comment and saw your lovely mention for my post - thank you!!! So - I was going to say, you can see my love of fur but you beat me to the punch!! I don't know why, but I became a little fur obsessed this year - there were so many beautiful examples - as you've shown here!

The French Maid said...

I know...I'm torn, too! I post about fur occasionally because I talk about vintage. The great news is, however, there is so much quality faux now, plus oodles of vintage real to go around, that we could make this issue one where everyone is happy! Just the loveliest of photos here...It's been awhile since I've stopped by and glad I did!
--Lee Ann

Nuit said...

absolutely fabulous!
I'd go faux too ;)


Style Attic said...

That second photo is STUNNING!!!! I love your furry fluffy post :) I feel all warm and fuzzy now :D

Ann said...

The images are lovely and of course the furs are fabulous... faux or not:)

this free bird said...

I do love a fake fur...toss it on over here!!


Sandra said...

No hate mail from me but I'm tolerant of real fur being worn. I've spent some time in Siberia and in Alaska and love, love, love my fur. There's nothing like fur for keeping one warm and even here on the farm, I wear fur. I have my grandmother's mink coat and wear it, with pride, in the winter. It's vintage but still looks as good as the day she bought it.
Happy new year and rest of year to you; hope it's all wonderful!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

I love fur and am not offended. Fabulous! I got the cutest little faux fur leopard jacket this year. I just love it.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

I can't help it, I love fur! I know that this may ban me from the good graces of some, but I just do! I don't own any...now, but it is so beautiful.
Faux is so lovely now too!
Thank you for posting this truely gorgeous post.
I have been a little MIA in commenting lately. I have had several speaking engagments and that keeps me so busy.
Miss you my friend!
Lots of love,