Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Icons & Goddesses

Words of the stylist who curated this assembly,
Luigi Murenu
Muse Italia
“We made this portfolio with the same sparkle of an authentic homemade
project. A pure, unpretentious project that turned into a little work of art with
my signature. I think those are truly honest photos. Mainly portraits of women
I have known for a long time and whose hair I have styled thousands times.
We have worked a lot on this project and I have been able to put my experience
at stake. That was rock’n’roll, women were coming to stay only a couple of
hours, like at the doctor’s office. Instantly, they were gorgeous. With Gisele we
had just 20 minutes. I mean, you couldn’t even change your mind, so we didn’t
search originality at all costs, it’s been all so natural and with no expectations.
We just wanted to have fun, it was a special atmosphere, with music turned on
all time. "



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Half-heard in the Stillness said...

20 minutes with Giselle....Wow! It's art...it's definitely an ART. These are just SUPERB!!!

Hope your are well Marsha?
Hugs Jane

Alison Cross said...

Gorgeous images - can't believe some of them were only taken with 20 minutes work!

Ali x