Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sweeeet Sweets

An artist who is also a cake baker,
special order only, one-of-a-kind
created by
Ida Thibeh Wiese
Sweet Sweets

this cake creation has a really special story, making a flower
of vintage brooch designs, and a poem written on parchment,
from the groom to the bride...


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Art by Karena

the necklace


I've had a very bad day and it is totally freezing in Houston,
may even snow tonight or in the morning
my little doggies, FiFi & Bono, haven't left the snuggle
of their fireside bed, and one of my friends has really disappointed me. 
I know, I know, I know...I'll get over it.   It happened last night.

Today, the friend acted as if NOTHING had happened. 
In other words, don't talk through it,
don't expect an apology,
go on as though nothing has happened.  

Now, mind you, this was not a
this was a selfish
"I didn't tell you I would do it for you." 
Only thing:  the friend DID TELL me. 

Now, I'm completely at odds on how to handle
this going forward. On the one hand you tell yourself
to forget about it. On the other hand you tell yourself
 you cannot accept this kind of behavior because
it is evident in many areas that this behavior
has existed and I have always used excuses
to overlook. 

It's a hard one.



The Aly Way said...

Those are the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen. The poem cake is a gem.

Karena said...

Marsha the cakes are a delight! Truly works of art by Ida!!

Email or call me and we can talk! Disapointment is so disheartening.

Art by Karena

Queen of Dreamsz said...

The use of Fondant is an art in itself...all of these cakes are just fabulous.

Since you've written about what happened I can't help but give my two cents worth even though you've not asked for it. It's only meant from the heart.♥

The friendship is defined by you and what level of respect you'll accept.

Those that pretend nothing has happened dishonor the trust you think you have with them. And it's their way of always being right in every situation.

Very subtle and controlling....

Stephanie ♥

Blondie said...

I'm so sorry you are feeling down honey. I will say a prayer for you. Kori xoxo

Deanna said...

Absolutely LOVE these gorgeous works of art cakes. They are outstanding and the most creative cakes I have ever seen.

Was fun to see these. So glad you shared the pics.

Very sorry about the mishap with your friend. Hope all works out for the best.

I do understand how awful it is to have people not want to talk through a misunderstanding...can lead to estrangement.
Gentle words spoken might work.

God bless,

Splenderosa said...

I love all of you so much. I think the Queen of Dreamsz has correctly stated it. It is the level of respect I will accept.

Mrs P said...

Incredible cakes, and it is horrible when a friend lets you down - don't let it spoil your weekend though, I know that you know there are worse things in life xx

Alison Cross said...

These cakes are much too good to eat - they are art! I shall never profer up a lop-sided sponge again :)

When I've been terribly let down by friends - and not attempted to address it (for whatever reason), I've found that it DID affect my relationship with that person. For a whle. And then things got back on track. That said, I never put myself into a position again where the same thing could happen, with that friend.

Hope it can be resolved.

Ali x

Bohemian said...

Your cakes and jewelry are magnificent! What a very generous giveaway you are both Hosting!

So sorry to hear of the relational dilemma... it is often said that the measure of our hurt can be indicated by the measure of our Love. If the relationship did not matter deeply it would not hurt deeply... so it is my Hope that you find a Peace about the situation with your Friend, whatever you decide is the right thing to do.

Dawn... The Bohemian

joanny said...


Those cakes are over the top and out of the box extra-ordinary, artistic is an understatement, exquisite

Wishing you warm days and warm hearts to surround you in friendship..


quintessence said...

The cakes are spectacular - definitely an art form!! And totally agree with you that Queen of Dreamsz articulated the situation very well - sounds to me that you have already passed the point of no return on this relationship since it has happened before. Not saying you can't be friends, just not with the same level of trust.

LPC said...

Very tough. Midlife friendship is almost as complicated as midlife motherhood...