Monday, March 7, 2011

Signs of Spring....

Texas Spring

outdoor dining
(photo from Daniella @ Dress Design Decor, HERE)
my sincere apologies for omitting this, Daniella's photo's always have her
hallmark "graphic design" work adding her own words to the images.

sunlight spilling into the bedroom

silver & gold, don't you love the mirror as headboard?

my daughter & me at a wedding reception

dog photography



LambAround said...

Yes, please bring on the springtime! I've had just about enough of this windy, gloomy weather that we have in Albuquerque right now.

Also, that dog is ridiculous. I love him :)

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Marsha, YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!! And so it your daughter. Bless your heart!
I love the dog images. Fabulous.
I am so anxious for spring! I need to see my first Robin. I went for a drive yesterday to see if I could find one. NO luck!
xo Yvonne

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Spring in the´s amazing:-)))*

And you photo together with you daugter so nice...

Wish you great week ahead,my dear,dear Marsha!

Much love to you,

Henar said...

Aww, this is beautiful !!
I love it !! ♥



Kristy P. said...

These pictures are very pretty!

Ann said...


Great photos! They all made me smile. And Bella (our doggie) has a crush on that dog. Actually, I think she's jealous of all the hair!

P.S. You look like sisters!

Style Attic said...

There you are! Y'all are gorgeous!! I am loving everything you offered in this post. I am loving that I will get to enjoy some of the Texas spring myself as I am coming home to Dallas in a couple of weeks :) XOXO, Kelly

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

That's SUCH a beautiful photograph of you two... full to the brim with joy!! x

WHAT a dog, wow!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Marsha, what a beautiful picture of you and your daughter! You look like sisters!

I have that picture of the bed with the mirror headboard saved, I love it.

The dog picture is fabulous. Much love, C xx

Jacqueline said...

Marsha, the headboard is to die for! I would love to have that one! Fabulous as always.

Daniella said...

Aw, the photo of you and your daughter is lovely! If you wouldn't mind linking back to my 'beautiful weekend' scan though, that would be much appreciated :) Thanks!

Sarah Klassen said...

Such a great post, and I love the image of you and your daughter together—so so sweet!