Thursday, May 5, 2011

Al Fresco Dining, Provence Style

well actually, this could be anywhere couldn't it?
only the cloth on the table says "Provence"

I love the coziness, all the flowers, fruits & veggies, vines...
imagine how nice it would be to sit here with
friends, some of the local vintages being poured,
locally baked-fresh breads & pastries,
nothing could be better...
no big deal,
just "living" life fully...


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  1. What a beautiful setting! This would be a great escape right about now! Blessed day to you.

  2. gorgeous! perfect wedding setting if you ask me!!!! xoxoxox

  3. To Nuit...and it could be Puerto Vallarta, where you are, too!!!

  4. Yes...I want to be there...
    HAppy evening Marsha,


  5. All thats missing is the bottle of wine and me! What a picture perfect setting...that's my favorite way to dine, on a picture perfect night, with a light summer breeze, perfect bossa nova or jazz playing in the background, the company of great friends....does it get any better? I don't think so!!

  6. I want to go right now! So calm, peaceful and just enchanting!!!

    x Kristin

  7. Oohhh- I love that tablecloth!

    If I was asked to describe a perfect summer evening, it would look like that... assuming that the mosquitoes were not out yet!

  8. Hello,my dearest Marsha!

    You are one of the mostly stylish,beautiful hearted,talented Lady from here,I am SO happy to learn you via the magic Bloggyland:-)))*

    Wish you great MOM day weekend,
    Wish much Love,

  9. Well if i can't be there, I am glad I could find it here :) "Living" is in our minds and our hearts. The location is just the place that matches and every now and then, both worlds come together like true Providence!! XO, Kelly

  10. Yes - this is the timeless and location neutral scene. The perfect backdrop for happy times.

    Thinking up the post we discussed. Will need to do a couple of other posts first, but after that.. Will reveal something that a lot of people don't know about me.. :)


    xx C


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