Friday, May 27, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

how easy is this to achieve
& I love the look of collections,
especially fashion...

Victoria Beckham LBD

Coming up, Saturday, will be linking to
Castles, Crown & Cottages
A Day in Paris
Pink Saturday's 3rd Birthday Party
(maybe it's held in Paris?)

major research going on now for a creative, beautiful post
in honor of these wonderful blog hostesses.




Miss Val's Creations said...

I love the concept of using the Vogue covers as artwork. The wall looks fantastic!!! ~Val

Jennifer said...

style says it!

Simone said...

I LOVE that first image :)

Happy Week-end! xx


This is very nice, using the Voge covers as artwork, my daughter who has an eclectic apartment would probably like it. Thanks for showing.

Kristin said...

That French music is so lovely, Marsha, and so perfect because I just finished my post for tomorrows Paris Party and I'm in the French mood :) See you in Paris!!!

Kristin xx

under spanish moss said...

Adore the Victoria B. dress. I was out looking for a dress yesterday. Why oh why can't I ever find dresses like this?

Jacqueline said...

I LOVE you Marsha but, I'm afraid I cannot condone anything that VB does....she used to be our neighbour and has lived near me from the time she was a girl.....I will say no more !!!!
Have a wonderful weekend dear Marsha. XXXX

Splenderosa said...

Jacqueline, everyone wonders WHY she never smiles. I mean NEVER! Even at the royal wedding she looked beautiful, dressed perfectly, but OMG that expression on her face. Now, I know more....

quintessence said...

Oh the Simply Irresistible poster is just too adorable!! Love the poster wall too. I've been a bit MIA lately - too much work. So happy to be a bit out from under and able to visit my friends!!