Monday, July 18, 2011

Some Street-Style Comments

Caroline, Managing Director, Tank Magazine,
doesn't she look lovely?

return of the scarves
& hair ornaments

& then there are these gals, all wonderful

some of you may know of my disdain for "jeans" as a uniform for ALL women,
no matter the going off what I just culled from street-style photographers
of note and my own eclecticness, I'll show you why:

an unknown blogger
& an unknown young woman

unless you're a student or an intern for a business,
my guess is that you would look better in some nice slacks
or a beautiful long skirt, as shown below...

there are just so many ways to look pretty,
and very few of us are Cameron Diaz or Gisele Bundchen
(tall & lean).

I wear some soft gray jeans with lycra sometimes,
always with a tee or blouse, and a real jacket,
and awesome shoes & bag.  

The jeans might work to attend a football game,
going to garage sales, flea markets and the
farmer's markets, maybe your local drugstore,
or camping out.

So, what do you think? 
Is there an age?  Or is it a style?




  1. Happy Monday Marsha :)
    Thank you for coming to visit last night! I love your outlook!

    Hm.... on the jeans thing, I think your right on the work thing! As far as age, I got nothing! Sorry!
    I do think people in general should express themselves however they please!
    Hope you are having a wonderful evening!
    Lots of love
    gi gi

  2. I think GiGi has something here. I was only commenting on the fashionability of jeans,
    not self-expression. Truly, if girls want to wear jeans and it suits their lifestyle, great. I just don't think jeans represent a really fashionable woman these days. Just my thoughts.

  3. I think a woman Can look all pulled together and fashionable in jeans. It is so much more creative and generally elegant to, as you say Marsha, wear a smart slack or skirt!


    Art by Karena

  4. I go through phases with jeans. I do, however, wear white jeans all summer long - they are my uniform and i have them in several different styles. I think jeans can look great - again there are so many different styles but it's important to find ones that suit you - not a fan, however, of the rips and tears. I am just loving all the long skirts.

  5. Hi Marsha! Jeans, fashion? I don't think so. Casual, comfortable, utilitarian and acceptable in a longterm fad in this casual part of the country...yes. I think of fashion as always updating, seasonally hued, quality fabrics and fabrications. I don't think that includes denim.
    I'm sure others disagree.

  6. I love all these beautiful outfits. I think we should express ourselves however we want, regardless of how old we are.

  7. I used to wear jeans loads when I was younger but quite frankly I got bored of them and prefer tailored pants and skirts now. i also rediscovered " The Dress" for summer. Some skinnies do look great in jeans though..alas not me..


  8. I love .. adore the first outfit and actually think that they all look fabulous.. but I adore the girl in the grey jeans with the fabulous shirt and jacket I have seen photos of her before and this is my style.. oops I hope you don't stop liking me..
    I think you have to go with your lifestyle and how you feel.. I have lots of gorgeous dresses and high heels and seldom wear them here in the wilds of Wales .. maybe if I had a job to go to things would be different .. The way I see it is .. Jeans and a shirt is a hell of an improvement on the main local style of unflattering 1980's track pants with a fleece.. xx Love this post xx

  9. Ps.. I adore the over the knee boots.. so sexy xx

  10. Put together correctly a woman can look good in jeans. A chic scarf or blazer always helps and so do the shoes. That little red Chanel bag would make any outfit look fabulous.

    Fit is probably the most important part of wearing jean. I've also never liked the torn jean look. I'm sure that's an age thing with me, but I would have never worn them, trendy or not. Don't like the "messy" look.

  11. There are some ways to pull off a classic and stylish look with jeans. Keeping in mind the appropriate occasion to wear jeans. I do love the classic look of dark jeans, a white shirt, heels and pearls. Kind of like in interior design...when you mix formal and elegant with more casual pieces. However, there are times when jeans are just not appropriate. I love to ride horses and do love to wear my jeans and cowboy boots.

  12. Sure you can look nice in jeans & be well put-together. But there's an extra-polished look in the more dressy slacks or long skirts, that I really like.

    Re one's age & wearing jeans: I'm in my early 70's & have no problem wearing jeans if I want to (except for FATNESS! :)

    If something does look good on you, & you feel good wearing it, that's a good rule to follow rather than your age.


  13. Hmm, as for jeans, I only have two pairs—a favorite skinny and a favorite wide leg. Of all my outfits, I maybe wear jeans 5% of the time. I enjoy them from time to time, especially dressed up with a silky blouse and blazer. However, I prefer pants and above all, dresses and skirts! (as you probably already know) I do not believe anyone over the age of 70 should wear jeans, but a well-fitting pair can make all of the difference in the world. It must be made for you — to flatter each individual figure :)

    Great post*

    xx, Sarah


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