Saturday, August 20, 2011

Delights of Dallas....

new Fall jewelry just added to Necklace-Earring Page

I have a black lacquered dining table and when I saw this I knew
I could create this lovely sophisticated & soft room....

this beautiful dining room image comes courtesy of
who will find 
a fellow Texan, who is an interior designer of note,
and also a gorgeous woman with a beautiful blog.

Please hop over to see her, tell her howdy, and 
that Splenderosa sent you.

You are in for a treat as she has a series running on
beautiful Dallas homes...

This here is what we Texans call "braggin"


 Coming September 6th

a new party debuting here, 
& across blogland, featuring some of the lovliest, 
most wonderfully
creative & brilliant women.

"By Invitation Only"
the little chandelier icon is at the top of my sidebar,

& you will see this emblem on each contributor's post.

 We would love you to come over for visit to see what we're up to.
I think you will be so happy you did.



La Maison Boheme said...

I've been in Dallas for four years now and I finally feel like I can start "braggin".

bee bon said...

Hello Marsha, it's me again, Bee, your blog, I love each post and you still manage to keep bringing a smile to my face...... so, a very big thank you from Bee xxx

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

You are making me miss Texas this morning. There's just no place like Texas is there. I'm off to say howdy and see some beautiful Dallas homes (and I know for a fact there are lots of them).

C.J. said...

hey girl, how are you doing? I am finally okay, boy did it take a long time. Am eager to see what you are up too.

Love, Carol

Anonymous said...

gorgeous dining room, Marsha, the soft green...tres chic..
and so nice to hear about "by invitation only"..
I know it will be a great success and as much fun...

under spanish moss said...

A very stylish dining room. We're going to check out this designers blog. Hope you are having a beautiful weekend.
Angela and Renee

Catherine Robinson said...

I've popped over to see Cashon & Company fabulous!
Thanks for sharing Marsha.
Hope you're having a lovely weekend ;)

Veronica said...

Hi Dear Marsha.I'm reading a whole lot of posts at the same time, so I feel like I had a treat already but will hop over and see her blog.

Great to hear about your party and will spread the word>>>>


Oh yes and the room is tres chic for sure

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

I think.... by the time we reach the lovely age of forty onwards we earn the distinctive right to 'bragg'! Especially because we're all such brave and talented ladies! :)) x

I'd love to be seated in this green dining room, wearing one of those fabulous evening gowns you post Marsha, and wearing your lovely jewellery of course!

Hugs to you this week-end x Jane

The enchanted home said...

Thanks so much the introduction. They are really talented. Looking forward to "the party"

quintessence said...

I just ADORE this!! I love Kellie and if I were up to speed in my blog reading, I would have already seen this!! It is simply stunning!!

Jacqueline said...

A beautiful dining room Marsha, cool, sophisticated and elegant.....I wouldn't mind sitting round that table with all of my blogging friends. How good would that be ?!!
Have a lovely week Marsha. XXXX

Cashon&Co said...

ahh, thank you! i didn't know you did this! so sweet! thank you!

James Kelly said...

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