Monday, August 15, 2011

Impossible Cool....

the King of Impossible Cool
& nobody does it better

does he remind anyone of Richard Burton?
could he be his clone?

just a regular Texas guy

male model, Atesh Salih, Turkish father, German mother,
face of Georgio Armani for men

Oscar Standrupt, male model

well, if Sean is the King, maybe Jack is the Emperor

tell me, who do you think is King of Impossible Coolness?



Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Hi Marsha....ooh! lots of lovely folk in your posting today!

I love Pierce Brosnan. (You had admire his courage when he had to attempt to sing in 'Mama Mia')Look at that kind face!

Then there is, such a character and handsome too!

But Jack is the Emperor in my eyes, he is and always has been just 'the BEST'! And he makes me laugh.

Hugs to you from England Marsha.

Tish Jett said...


You are the queen of impossible coolness. And, you do have exquisite taste in men.

I'm very excited. An invitation???

My e-mail address:

You make me so happy when I see your beautiful face chez moi.


Talia said...

Oh, so much eye candy. A lovely start to my Monday! The King -- too many choices, but I do love Robert Downey Jr.

La Petite Gallery said...

Marsha, nice choice.
Where is uvalde Texas anyway? Matt Conaughey is a good Actor Just watched Lincoln Lawyer.
Clooney what a gorgeous guy, I remember hin on ER and Murder she wrote. He is great.
Have a nice Monday.. yvonne

Catherine Robinson said...

Oh Marsha...well selected!
My favourites, Pierce Brosnan and George Clooney...and as you have Sean Connery I would have to add Clint Eastwood...the King of Impossible Cool....has to be
Mr. Cary Grant doesn't it?
Have a lovely week.

Pondside said...

There are some winners there, but I just know you'd want to add Rufus Sewell, the star of the Zen series on BBC.

Veronica said...

Hi Marsha I am back after a tumultuous two weeks! The King of cool has gotta be George Clooney for me, for sure! Nobody does it better~~~


Christine said...

Hi Marsha, Quite a group of guys there! To me cool is quiet, shy, good looking and not believing it yourself. Johnnie does it for me, quiet, shy, almost apologetic for his stardom.
Robert DJ is a close second for me. I am in awe as to how he has turned his life around. THAT is very cool! Love THE Mr. Bond, too.
Ah Oh! Sounds fickle!
xoxo, Chris

Elizabeth said...

Very nice collection of men! What is not to like about all of them? I think that that Cary Grant is still the perfect model of cool!

And as long as we are speaking of such things Audrey Hepburn for elegant, cool women!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

under spanish moss said...

Our vote will have to go to the Southern gentleman from Texas!!
Great way to start off the week.
Angela and Renee

The enchanted home said...

Wow Marsha, you so nailed this list! One looker after another, I particularly was drawn to the ever so exotic Atesh..I attest to the fact that eyes are scarily beautiful!
Woo hoo!

Simone said...

Hello from France......looks like I visited you on exactly the right day.....YUM!!!!!! X

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Oh.....just wonderfulst choisec,Marsha:-))))***

I like Brad Pitt,his looks always so incredible fascinated....and oh yes Rober Douwny jr.absolutely fabulous artist and very attractive man!!!
This is so lovely and little bit funny,Marsha....:-)*I would like to make almost the same choise!

Wisging you productive and very good day,
With love,

Portia said...

It's times like this that make me happy I discovered this blog! Sean Connery, oh yes! But I think Marlon Brando deserves a mention at least...

Anonymous said...

These are all such wonderful examples, but Dean Martin remains the King of Cool. Handsome and smooth....

Casa Très Chic said...

They are all so cool, but Jack Nicholson is the king, not talking about beauty, ok?
His smile is very charming and he has that incredible sex appeal, don't you agree?

romance-of-roses said...

Don't have to think too much, my choice is Robert Downey, Jr. he has that sexy look in my book. Great post, it isn't every day that us gals get a treat like this. Hugs, Lu

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Now... I love Pierce ( have since I was about 10 and addicted to Remington Steele) but I have to say you forgot a "good ole boy"... how about Dierks Bentley. Oh my.

Gunel Musayeva said...

Salih Atesh is my favority men type style))

sandra sallin said...

I'lll take Pierce Brosnan and George Clooney. I'd love Cary Grant also. Actually I'd like one of each!