Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chapter 2, Our International Blog Party

As a part of our new venture in blogland, the coming together of
the same women across the world each month, I thought it would be 
wonderful if each of us participated in deciding upon the upcoming month's theme.

For this post, it was 
Vicki Archer of French Essence

Tish Jett of Femme D'un A Certain Age, 
both of whom you will find below in the link up, 
as well as on my sidebar of icons.

Tish & Vicki are both splendid writers, as I'm sure you know, and once they had
chosen the theme I became almost intimidated myself.  Imagine?

From the author of "Madame Bovary" comes their inspiration...
it's ALL in the details...
now you know why I'm intimidated.

The delight & the plague of my life has been perfection of detail,
detail as I see it & perfection as I see it.
I thought & thought...and then I knew I had to post about fashion &
fashion shows...the fact they the runways are active at this moment made it
current and maybe, it will be interesting to you.

Riccardo Tisci

whose theme was mermaids, as you will see below...

most designers begin with a sketch, drawn by themselves...
when the perfect 1st sketch is made, the continuation of the collection seems
much easier, but is always refined as it turns into fabrics.
Imagine the talent of a seamstress (premier dressmaker) who takes a sketch
& turns it into a garment?  A garment with all sorts of intricacies
which she, and she alone, will translate into a work of art.


a classic Polo-like outfit, coming off the Paris runway,
which is so refreshing, isn't it?

note the detail of eel skin trim & belt, the tail-like pieces of fabric overlaid onto the skirt,
& the uneven hemline...

close-up of same

visions of waves, frothing, rolling....

one of the prettiest suits I've seen in years...
the sheerness won't be worn outside of France, of course,
but isn't it simply gorgeous?

another version
open link, then click on "Move It"
you MUST click on the link, look at the model as she walks,
to completely understand the detail of the garment...

In a rare runway appearance, Gisele left Boston, home of the famous
New England Patriots NFL team, whose quarterback, Tom Brady, is her husband.
(info for girls outside the USA),
she closed the Givenchy show, turned around and went back to Boston...
she LOVES football...

open the link, then click on
"Move It"

close-up of Gisele's outfit, showing detail of huge shark tooth pendant
which was shown on almost all the outfits.
(this, worn by another model)

& to get to the perfection on the runway,
the following photos show the army of stylists, hairdressers,
makeup artists, dressers, etc. before the show backstage.

all models had this eye look.  
small half circles stuck above/below the eyes...
another detail.

totally relaxed Gisele pre or post show?

now for some other pretties I couldn't resist showing,
the ones I love anyway...

Alber Elbaz

his theme was fallen angels, I think, note all the serpentine elements...
the necklace, the belt & the ankle strap.

shoulder treatments, and the folded fabric of the skirts...

entire collection GO HERE

& finally
Dolce & Gabbana

a very snappy fun collection accessorized with Froot-Loop earrings,
very simply shapes transformed into works of art with
lace appliques, huge chunks of Swarovski crystals,
and bound buttonholes.
Seemingly impossible to wear anywhere except a resort, or anywhere in
Italy on their expansive coastline.  
In fact, perfect for Portofino, San Remo, Sorrento or Positano.
Maybe too glitzy for Venice.
Awesome for the lake country hotel, like the Villa de Este' -
or maybe a party at George Clooney's house?

filled with fruit & vegetable prints, typical of Italian countrysides,
but with black too, and the most wonderful pair of black shoes ever.

I hope all of you enjoyed this as much as I.  It's been awhile since I've
wardrobed ladies, but the vicarious thrill never goes away.  When you see
your vision come to life, with all the right accessories, and a proud woman
wearing the outfit to an important event in her life...it is very satisfying.

To handle and to wear (upon occasion) these fine garments is to learn to
love & respect the work, the fineness of detail, each one represents.

The only thing better is planning a lavish Christmas party for all our friends,
rolling out a red carpet from the front door all the way out to the street, and then
to stand back and say, "OMG, there's something missing!"

It was the gold glitter sprinkled liberally down it's entire length.

Thank you Vicki & Tish for your  work in choosing our inspiration.

And, welcome to 
Sharon of French Country Home,  
Lisa of Lisa Porter Collection 
& LeAnn of Linen & Lavender, 
who are the newest invited members.

I will leave you with this thought...
how very nice to see this event come to fruition, and to be received in such a 
splendid way by all of our participants & you, our readers.
I am happy.






















+ other women who will be linked in below


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Fifi Flowers said...

Bonjour... Fifi Flowers' posting is LIVE... http://www.fififlowers.com/2011/10/day-4-in-europa.html
See YOU all in Paris!!!

vicki archer said...

Brilliant Marsha....Such a wonderful post....I love it....Fashion is my true love I fear......xv

Francesca Muir said...

OOOh delicious detail -thank you - love this idea.

LaPouyette said...

Dear Marsha,
This is simply a perfect highly DETAILED fashion post! Could not think about a better one.

Catherine Robinson said...

Fabulous Marsha...as always...the images you have selected and the detail perfection! If I could I would be wearing the Lanvin pencil skirt today...I love the way it moves...very elegant and sexy at the same time!
Have a lovely day.

LaPouyette said...

Hi Marsha, left a comment 1/2 hour ago which seems to be disappeared. Any blooger error, or?

Thank you so much my Dear for your lovely comment!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Love it Marsha...you had me at fashion! It's in the detail for sure.
hugs DJ

Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

What a wonderful post

sharon said...

Beautiful beautiful images Marsha, certainly loads of detail there!! My entry is up - never found writing a post so nerve-wracking !! :)
Thank you for holding this fun party

The enchanted home said...

Beautiful Marsha! love the music, and the details here are exquisite. I just put up my post too....fun!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Such fabulous details of such beautiful fashion. It truly is the little details that make up the finished, overall look. Without them, it wouldn't be finished.
A lovely post Marsha and a great theme inspired by Vicki and Tish. XXXX

Classic Style said...

lovely..love glam fashion ;)

Tish Jett said...

Divine, my dearest Marsha. Perfect in every detail.

It is soooo much fun being a guest at your party.


desde my ventana said...

Wonderful Marsh, I love all.



Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Marsha, Perfection as always. You definitely know how to tend the details. This is fun. Have a great day. Mona

Coty Farquhar said...

Thank you Marsha for what you did for me today!! I am finding that each time I prepare a post for this party I end up pouring my heart out!!
You have so many beautiful designs on this post, it brings back many memories of my fashion days as editor. I was always looking at the details of everything, the colour was important, the fabric was also, but if there were great details, I would always have them for my fashion pages.

Sending love to you my beautiful friend, xxxxxx Coty

LPC said...

And I, in my usual slightly cantankerous mode, am here. http://amidprivilege.com/?p=8189.

In a close reading, as it turns out, one CAN disagree:).

Splenderosa said...

Hope no one is having problems with the linky widget. Let me know if you cannot link, please. I want all our members to participate if possible.
Love to all....

Lisa said...

Ooooo better late than never! Stylishly late but wouldn't miss it for the world! Love your interpretation Marsha and so glad to be included!
Finally posted! Now i'm off to visit everyone!

decoracionclasica said...

Hola Marsha!!! Me encanta la idea de tener como tema " Los detalles" , ya que esto en cualesquier ámbito es muy importante y no se diga en la decoración ó moda, ya que son los detalles los que complementan un buen diseño!!

christina @ greige said...

Totally late to this party!!! I realized too late today.. It is coming I promise. Looks great!


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Just SO impressed me you post,ddearest Marsha!!!

All you choices speaking me incredibly much: garments,stones and these shoose styling absolutely gorgeous!
Talented masters making really WONDERS....
Thank you so much for share all these impressions:-)*

Much warmest hugs and Love to you,

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

I´m again here;-)*

Dear Marsha,

I don't know about my first comment by you here...I think it's not coming...

I would like to say:

These way to create more beautiful things are almost everywhere the same.
You descover at first and then...develop it!
And you see,it cames and coming more incredibly nice things all over the World:-)))*

I'am happy to be able seeing all creations and enjoing it fullest!

Thank you so much for share it,Marsha!

My warmest hugs and Love to you,

christina @ greige said...

Okay I finally made it! Thanks for the great inspiration girls!! Have a good day!


Ann said...

Love those suits, Marsha! I need a fashion advisor- and you are the one!

I finally returned home and posted last night, but forgot to link up- jet lag after 3 flights in 1 day. But, I'm up now!

Karen @ Pas Grand-Chose said...

Dear Marsha, I was delighted to have been asked to join in (by Karin from La Pouyette) and glad I was just in time to hastily post last night on an irresistible theme. I've so enjoyed your post and all the others - many thanks for the party and lovely to meet you through your beautiful blog!

quintessence said...

GORGEOUS shows with incredible details - such creative inspiration!!

Jacqueline said...

Love the details in the shoes too! I would love a pair of those. That suit is incredible isn't it!

La Petite Gallery said...

Marsha, beautiful post. I clicked on the
Dolce dress and clicked again two different dresses, I like the one on the post. Absolutely gorgeous.
Great Music. yvonne