Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fashion Jewelry & Headbands

Perfect for Gifts to our Girlfriends
& girls in our families.

Now Available 


all under $35.00

Medium Width Crystal Bangles
Bronze, Clear/Black, Raspberry, Multi
$22 each

Narrow Width Crystal Bangles
Multi, Turquoise, Bronze, Raspberry
$18 each

Gold/Crystal Bangle
looks like 3 pieces


Hoops 3.25" diameter, 
clear crystal, bronze, or pewter
$20 each

Hoops 2.5" diameter
crystal, gold
$16 each

Intricate gold & crystal hoops 

Hoops 3" diameter with barrels of gold & crystals
$ 19

Wrapped Hoops with either silver or gold loops
2" diameter
$12 each

Animal Print Crystal Oval Drops
2.75" length
Bronze or Clear/Gray/Black
$15 each


Handmade in our studios, these whimsical headbands
as shown below

these pieces are custom made so make take a few days to process & ship
made of the most beautiful satin ribbon and fine millinery veiling

$35 each

Let me know what you think, please...

as you already know the jewelry is in very limited supply, at most we have
5 pieces of a if you wish to order please hurry.

You're hearing Michael Jackson singing in concert in Munich,
the gentleness, the beauty, the compassion of this man shows in every moment,
if you would like to see him show his love to a fan who runs onstage

trying to reach 500 friends/followers before the holidays,
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xx's to all of my lovely readers



A Gift Wrapped Life said...

These are wonderful Marsha and such great pricing! Lovely sparkle for holiday gifts. XO

Hamptontoes said...

Great pricing, great selection and I'm totally in love with the first set of earrings. Off to make sure I'm a follower. Hope you reach 500!

La Petite Gallery said...

as I got older, my hand got bigger, gave all my silver bangles to Barbie. I did fine one that is a
clamp type.. Enjoy the last of Fall.

quintessence said...

I agree with Sande - wonderful gifts with great price points. I so wish I could wear those pretty headbands but I unfortunately look ridiculous!!

Kristin said...

Oh, Marsha, your jewelry is so beautiful! My favourite would be the gold and crystal earrings! I'm so sorry you had jewelry water damaged. You must not hurry because of me. I will patiently be waiting :) Have a lovely day!

Kristin xo

The enchanted home said...

All so pretty Marsha, I especialyl love the heabands, so pretty for the holidays!

jewelry dazzle said...

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Vogue Crafts said...

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