Thursday, October 27, 2011

Something New, Something Very Interesting

OK, ladies, I need your opinions please...

Over the past weekend the gem show was held in Houston,
where vendors from across the land come to display their merchandise.

I discovered a few new things, of course.

Use your imagination a bit...and think about a single-strand necklace
made of the gunmetal black "disco ball" beads shown above...
large millimeter beads, obviously pop art,
the centerpiece or "focal bead" will be one of the large
agate slices which contain the most blackness.

The necklace will sit just at collarbone level.

I absolutely love the juxtaposition of glitter & matte.

The "disco balls" come in many many lovely colors, and I can find
dyed agate slices to blend perfectly.

I'm thinking they will sell for $49.

What do you think?
Would you buy one?

While looking through the Neiman-Marcus website yesterday
I came across this stretchable wide cuff bracelet...

Michael Kors @ $295

I have these exact same cuffs, from my wholesaler,
& I will sell them to you, my lovely readers, for


Can you EVEN believe this?

And, now for other news...I went jewelry findings shopping yesterday...
and at one of the HUGE warehouse stores the girls who work there told me
they were following my blog.  Surprise.

Then they told me the prices for my hand-made Splenderosa jewelry is
waaaay too low.   I priced my merchandise as I did so I could give each one of
my readers a really excellent basically each piece is priced
WHOLESALE for you guys.

I will leave it this way for another week, then I will introduce a completely 
NEW line for you.   I love what I've come up with, they are pieces which look
killer, can be worn dressy or casual, and they make a huge fashion statement
without all the dangling, multi-chain looks out there now.

Love to all....



  1. Marsha you are so creative, its unreal!!! x

  2. Hi Marsha. That necklace sounds great to me with the glitter and matte together...

    Veronica xx

  3. I think the disco ball will be fun for xmas celebrations, but I particularly love the agate slices.
    bee x

  4. Your prices do look basically wholesale- and your jewelry looks amazing and innovative.

    I just discovered you via Pam's (over 50) blogroll. I must say, she's got killer taste.

    Hello . -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  5. Value for luxury, that's my Splenderosa!

  6. Love the bracelet. Do you have any in stock? I lost my favorite one by Jaana. Working on my post....

  7. I love every single thing you have the best taste and I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve. XO, Mona

  8. always gorgeous inspiration Marsha! have a great weekend! barbara


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