Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Deck The Halls !

Splenderosa's Newest Little Stretchable Rings

Snow Gauge 
(not often needed in Houston)

most of you know there is music playing on my blog...
I really hope you enjoy it and that it doesn't blast out at you unexpectedly.

I spend a lot of time selecting the music you will hear, endeavoring
to create an atmosphere which I would enjoy in my home...
so, uniquely, just another little bit of "me."

this is what I strive to do everyday here in our blog-world...
create little vignettes to share with each of you...
showing everyone what I like, making comments (rude or not)
about the likes/dislikes, and sharing opinions a little bit.

all this done in a way which presents me to you in a natural and honest way.

I love blogging and welcome all of you to my little home 24/7, and like
all Texans I think "the more the merrier."

Merry Christmas
my friends


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  1. BEAUTIFUL post Marsha.....and perfectly chosen music.

    I LOVE those rings, am just going to your shop to find out more :) XX

  2. Your jewelry and your pictures here are so beautiful...I really enjoy your blog!

  3. What a lovely post! Those rings are absolutely gorgeous! Jennifer:)

  4. Marsha, your festive pictures are wonderful and the music is gorgeous too! This was a lovely post!

    Best Christmas wishes,

  5. Beautiful pictures and beautiful jewelry. (In South Africa we spell it jewellery!)Wishing you a wonderful Christmas. x Sharon

  6. Your photos are amazing! I love the red gown and the colorful lights. Keep inspiring us!

    Hope you stop by and check out my "I LOVE NEW YORK" post!

  7. Marsha it's always such a delight visiting you
    Francesca x

  8. I actually go to your blog to listen to your music selections while on my computer!! Very soothing, not to mention your beautiful blog!!

  9. LOVE your music, it could not be more holiday appropriate! Photos are increidble.....really captures the essence of this magical holiday!

  10. Love that stairwell... it's so happy and festive! xo

  11. Hi Marsha

    I have been to the "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy", well thats what I have always known it as, so gorgeous it really enhances your beautiful images and fabulous jewellery,

    Its the most wonerful time of the year"" is on now, will fold some laundry while listening!!
    Best wishes

  12. Lovely!! And I of course notice and appreciate all that you do!!

  13. You says it so good,Marsha...!:-)*

    ''all this done in a way which presents me to you in a natural and honest way''

    I like you way,I LOVE you ideas in everywhere and I think that you are very wise anyone with beyond special fantasy,inspirational artist!!!

    Wish you awesome Christmas time,my beautiful Friend:-)))*

    Much Love,

  14. Merry Christmas Marsha! I love the rings especially the one with the pearl! I received the bracelets and just love them! Thanks again.

  15. Lovely Blog & wonderful music, Thank you!
    Merry Christmas to you :)


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