Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hostess Gifts, My Way...

I love receiving little bits from the guests who visit me during the
holidays, so I love this tradition & when taking my own gifts I try to
choose something lovely, useful or whimsical (knowing my friends & their ways).

who wouldn't love receiving this cookbook,
available on Amazon & priced very low.

an antique linen monogrammed hand-towel

Nambe Butterfly Bowl

one of my best girlfriends is the owner of an asset management
company handling high net-worth individuals,
but SHE loves these kookie & funny cocktail napkins...
& I LOVE this one !

Splenderosa's Bejewelled Headband

Kenneth Turner Room Fragrance
(it lasts forever)

Anthousa Aqua Verbena Diffuser

Aspinel Lizard Notebook for Handbags
(I still use these even with IPhones & Blackberries)

Splenderosa Stretchable Rings
set of 3
so cute
Echo "Touch" Gloves for Techies
who knew?

Any kind of Gourmet Olive Oil
all of us love this one, which we can find in Houston
imported from Italy (nothing else is the real thing).

this year, I'm loving fresh greenery, simple but lush decorations
no gold, no glitter,
just greenery & RED RED RED,  just seems like the right thing to do...
something to say about this beautiful front door,
so inviting, so non-posh, so natural,
it takes a very talented person indeed to achieve this
opulent & restrained outcome.

more to come...
from some of our talented bloggers & ETSY.

Merry Christmas everyone


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  1. Those touch gloves are funny aren't they, what will they come up with next??!

    Lovely choices Marsha :) X

  2. Great choices, especially the humorous and quirky ones! :)

    Stop by, I am having a great Christmas giveaway!

  3. I love those rings of you,Marsha and those great cook book so very much;-)*

    And yes,yes,yes!!!
    This front door is simply magic invited and super elegant!

    I love red color too almost everywhere!!!..........

    Much Love and my warmest virual hugs to you,

  4. I specially love the perfumes, I got lots, I just adore them!! Merry Christmas dear Splendorosa lady.

  5. I love the 'I love not camping' one!! Such great stuff you have here!

  6. I know what you mean with a nice front door. It is so important in my mind - that 'first impression' and 'welcoming' before you enter the actual home.
    Equally important is the hallway. My mother has always been very adamant about ensuring all entrance ways are warm, inviting and immaculate. I teach my children the same.. :)


    xx C

  7. Oh my goodness, "I love not camping!" haha, yes, indeed, that would be me for certain... I like the wilderness, but rough camping—not having a roof and bathroom—is just too much for me :)


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