Thursday, December 29, 2011

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve ?

Don't be mad at me because I'm going to Paris.

Yes, Dorothy, Continental Airlines has a direct flight from Houston, and
I will be on board, flying alone to the City of Lights...for a very very special reason...
not to celebrate New Year's Eve...

but to celebrate

New Year's DAY

with all the girls from "By Invitation Only."

We'll be going to a beautiful restaurant for a ladies champagne luncheon
(which may last all afternoon),

The reason, if we really needed one, is because Tina @ The Enchanted Home
the beautiful woman who hosted all of us for a December Christmas Party at
her new home (all virtually) thought it was such a smashing success that we
we should do it again.

Who am I to say no?

And, so, once outfit, of course...

but most of all we will be discussing our thoughts on

"going forward"

Once you get out of bed from partying the night before, roll over to your computer
and see ALL of us for fun, giggles, gossip, outfits and some philosophical thoughts.

See you !!!!!!

& we will be giving away a piece of Splenderosa Jewelry
to the wonderful woman who leaves US (all of us collectively - the group
will decide) the absolute bestest thought of her own about
"going forward"

no pressure intended...

And, so far, I haven't decided WHAT to wear @#$@$@$@^&*(##



Thistle Cove Farm said...

May the worst of 2012 be from the best of 2011, Marsha, and have a fabulous trip!

Splenderosa said...

Sandra of Thistle Cove, it's a virtual trip only...but we will all be together, including you.
Sending love...

Chris said...

I LOVED Tina's party and I can't wait to see what you all have 'cooked' up for the luncheon in the City of Lights! CAN NOT WAIT!
Happiest and healthiest of New Years to you, Marsha!
...From half-way around the globe from Paris...Sunny California
Big hugs and love, Chris

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

I see all those wonderful ladies in Paris.........OMG!!!
HOW enchanted and wonderful that is:-)*

Just can't wait...........

Marsha,you outlook is very nice,my dearest friend and all beyond great accessories making it PERFECT:-)))*


Veronica said...

Can't wait!!!