Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bono & Baubles

allow me to introduce you to my Maltese 3.5 year-old rock-star doggie,

& to some of our new pieces of jewelry

Fashion Necklace Triple Knot Centerpiece, Multi-Strands Seed Beads

Splenderosa's Hand-Crafted Amazonite & Sterling Silver Necklace

Dome Ring, stretchable, looks exactly like Diane Malouf's designs

our little "love" bracelet $19
also comes with "hope"
various color bands, turquoise, black, natural, pink

stretchable gold tone ring $35
gold & crystal stretchable ring $35

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Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Ohg Marsdha,
Bono is so cute .... I LOVE him ! .... and, your new pieces of jewellery are lovely. XXXX

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Oh,my....Oh,my..........Marsha,you are an ingenious!
This first one necklace stole my heart completely:-)))*


DogsMom said...

I am glad you used the image of Bono to draw me in.

FairyFiligree said...

Lovely jewellery - I stopped by also to say hello to the Maltese pup - I am Maltese myself from the Mediterranean island of Malta and lots of Maltese pups here....

Nuit Hernandez said...

awwwww cutie-cute!!!!

and those rings are to DIE. xoxxo

Catherine Robinson said...

Beautiful pieces, Marsha and Bono just too adorable ;)
Have a wonderful weekend.

La Petite Gallery said...

So How much Is the Doggie?? Only joking.
Love the baslet weave Bracetet. They are all Gorgeous.. So is Bono

Virginia said...

Just found your yummy site at Woman of a Certain Age. Now my big decision is which ring/rings I want. I'll be back.

Leslie said...

Beautiful jewelry and what a SWEET little pup! I'm an animal lover and have two springers - they are a total pain at times but we love them. Kids are in college - and so now we have the girls!

First time visiting and look forward to adding you to my blog roll.