Saturday, March 17, 2012

Country Time....


perfect shabby chic conservatory for my "inner country girl" farm house 

my kind of country

\I don't think I can get totally away from country/farm style.  I adore these ruffles

& I love this too

country industrial; love the old farm table & lighting

in all of Texas right now there are the most beautiful wild flowers in full bloom,
we often stop along the road side and pull out big clumps, like the one above...
but it's illegal to pick/pull bluebonnets and Indian paint brushes.

those cows are made of gold

...we will stop at every farmer's market within a 30 mile radius, and grill fresh vegetables on the beach.

stop along the way at various produce stands, and sometimes have a glass of wine
with the owners.  pretty cool?   yes, and a good way to meet your neighbors.


other neighbors


our state flower, the bluebonnet



Veronica said...

The blue bonnets are devine... the colour amazing! Enjoy your lovely Spring Marsha as we go in o autumn favourite season.



PS: Loved your comment on Pondside xx

VM Creation Atelier said...

Oh,yes! That´s true;-)*
The Springtime is a wonderful gardentime ..............!!!

LOVE this time of the year:-)*

Wild flowers making me free and realy happy!And image with a field where are couws and as Holland!

This long,long evening for me...I must to make a finishing touch to my order,wedding dress and I have listen the whole evening you great,great,great playlist!!!

Thank you for an amazing realx and beautiful music selection,my dearest Marsha:-)*


Design is... All in the Detail said...

GORGEOUS! my kind of country too! Thank you so much for sharing - what a beautiful time of year! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Jalon

Leslie said...

Beautiful!! the fresh produce, the countryside, and the horse is so sweet :)

Chris said...

April Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush from New Mexico to Louisiana are nature's ecstasy. I had read about them but seeing them in person for hundreds and hundreds of miles was breathtaking...your Hill Country...the Capitol!

A bucket list experience for me!
Love it, Chris

vicki archer said...

Gorgeous Marsha... beautiful country... the kind of country I like! xv

Greet Lefèvre said...

What a gorgeous pictures here!! Oh my goodness, you are surrounded by the most beautiful parts of nature!! A wonderful countryside! And what a goodlooking neigbors you have! Haha!! Love it!
I love wild flowers as you showed here and I so love to have some spring blossom branches standing in a vase!
Have a wonderful Sunday Marsha!
PS Marsha, I hope you will understand, although I so love the 'By invitation only' posts, but I really am too busy to join!! But the moment I feel more relaxed and having a little more time I will join you again!! Thank you so much for inviting me again! You are so sweet!

Catherine Robinson said...

Beautiful images, Marsha...I love your state flower...such a stunning blue!
Spring here too in London well, today anyway...yesterday rain all day...heho the good old British weather!!
Enjoy the weekend.
With love

Acquired Objects said...

Those bluebonnets are gorgeous! I cannot wait for things to start blooming around here. You've given me a touch of spring fever but I love it!

Enjoy your Sunday!