Friday, March 23, 2012

Happiness is.....




(via Beauty in Everything - Photography)
♪  ♫  ♪

…….he’s listening to snoop :)

 he's listening to Snoop

via zsa zsa bellagio who found him on tumblr

just too cute for words

my Maltese watches tennis matches on TV, seriously !
have a lovely, happy, outdoorsy weekend everyone



Statements in Fashion said...

What a cute pic Marsha....Happy Friday friend:)

Love you!

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Marsha, my dog loves for me to put the earplugs near her ears to listen! No I wouldn't put them in her ears, lol.
Such an adorable image.
Happy Friday.

Wildernesschic said...

Oh he is os gorgeous.. I love dogs.. more than people I think xx

Francine Gardner said...

This is priceless!!!
have a great week end, it is summer in New York
xo, francine

Lost in Provence said...

Marsha, I needed this so very much, I can't tell you. Hard week here in France.

My Ben (the sweet Golden that you saw) is so sensitive to music--he LOVES jazz. And I swear that he jams out just like this other lovely Golden did.

Good karma to you for sending out such happiness. Bon Weekend!

The enchanted home said...

He looks like Teddy long lost "cool" cousin:) Too cute!

Leslie said...

Wonderful way to finish my day :) Have a wonderful weekend ~

FairyFiligree said...

Can I come all the way across the globe just to hug him? He's way too cute! Does he close his eyes to the music?

Sarah Klassen said...

Haha, oh my word, this is cute! I laughed when I saw the picture, and then laughed again when I read about him listening to Snoop :) Wishing you a lovely and relaxing weekend, my friend...


Young at Heart said...

oh too cute....and the sun is shinning....what a happy sunday!!

designchic said...

This made my morning...hope you're having a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I am such a dog lover so this post put a huge smile on my face. Your maltese sounds adorable! Maybe she likes the ball going back in forth in a tennis match! xo