Monday, March 19, 2012

May I Introduce.....

from time-to-time all of us hear about a young person
doing something unique and inspiring.

most of you already know the wonderful blog of 
Collette Osuna called 
it is her daughter, Chloe, I would like you to meet today.

Collette's son & Chloe's brother, Alex, passed away at the age of 11
in October, 2000.

As a loving tribute to his memory Chloe has created a new jewelry line
JUNE 1989
Alex's Birthday.

this is where you will find their website

This is Chloe.

Because I am overwhelmed with the passion behind this little business venture
I wanted to know more about Chloe, as well as I asked if I could 
interview them.
They said yes.  
My questions, their answers follow:

1.  First of all I would like to congratulate you on your recent launch of JUNE 1989.  What a beautiful tribute to Alex and a labor of lave by you both.  Tell me, how did you decide you would do a jewelry line?  Inspiration?

Chloe-First and always my brother Alex will be my inspiration. I have become the person I am today because of the strength he gives me. Knowing people are wearing something that I have created is so cool to me.  I thought how cool would it be if I could incorporate my love for Alex, God, and fashion into one thing and voila, it happened !  

2. Understanding Chloe's age to be 19 I can definitely see the reason for her choice of pieces to debut the line.   How did you discover these particular pieces. 

I have many jewelry pieces with crosses which I've had for awhile,  and I wanted to create designs that I love and knew my friends would too.

3. Collette, do you have any fashion background and if so, what is it?

Collette- I am the owner of Statements in Fashion, a lifestyle blog focused on fashion for you, your home, and everywhere in between. I have worked with Detroit Fashion Week, Modeled for a Michigan designer, Lezley Ann Designs, as well as being featured on MTV Style blog and Glamour.

4. Chloe, the same question.

Chloe- I have always loved fashion !!! I have worked at Forever21 for the past year and a half and I am hoping to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology New York in the near future for Fashion Merchandising/Management to complete my Bachelors Degree. 

5. Chloe, are you pursuing higher education right now, or are you concentrating all your efforts on JUNE 1989?

I am currently enrolled full time in college and the rest of my efforts are geared toward June1989.

6. How do you two work together in this endeavor?

Most of the designs are created by me ; However, I have let my Mom try her hand at a few :)
My mom mainly focuses on the business and marketing end, while I do the fun stuff! 

7. Who chooses the jewelry designs?

It's a joint decision between my mom and I ; However, there are things we agree to disagree on. Yes, we are business partners, but we still have a great mother daughter bond.

8. What has been your biggest surprise in creating JUNE 1989?

The outpouring of support, receiving some of the most beautiful emails to both me and my mom. Here I thought I would just be making some cute bracelets, little did I know I am touching people's hearts all around the world.

9. Tell me how you're marketing the merchandise locally, in your hometown?

My bracelets are currently available for purchase at Tiffany's Tips & Toes in Macomb, Twps., as well as a Spa in Rochester, both in Michigan.  I have been requested to do an interview with one of our area publications on Tuesday in fact:) I'm very excited to spread the word of June 1989!

10. Will you add additional pieces if you reach your projections, or exceed your initial expectations?

We actually just introduced our first men's bracelet into the line this evening and anticipate more additions in the very near future :)

11. Where would you like to be business-wise in 1 year?

I will be happy if I can continue making bracelets in my brother Alex's memory. Who knows? Maybe a brick and mortar store is in our future! 

12. I know this is a new venture for you, but in the start-up what advice would you give to another girl who hopes to open her own business?

Find something you love to do, follow your dreams, and don't rush ! It takes time and effort, but you can do anything you put your mind too!

as most of you know, I am a jewelry designer & purveyor of select
curated items I find for you.

it will be my pleasure to assist Chloe in any way possible.

her website features various "Cross" designs in many different metals
& beads, all very meaningful.  if you know of anyone who might want one of
these little pieces for Easter hop on over to visit her and place your order.
your $'s could not be better spent anywhere else.
help a young entrepreneur who is on a mission.

Big congrats, Chloe !
And, to Collette...WOW, what a MOM !




vicki archer said...

Wonderful Marsha... and how exciting for Chloe to be embarking on a new adventure... I wish her every success in the world... xv

The enchanted home said...

Absolutely inspiring and amazing, not only are the designs great looking but knowing the story and inspiration behind them makes that much more beautiful. I think we are watching a rising star! Thank you for sharing....

Design is... All in the Detail said...

What a beautiful and an amazing line of design. I lost my grandson about a year ago and this story touches me. The back story adds so much more to the line! Very touching. Thank you so much for sharing this. Jalon

Statements in Fashion said...

Thank you so much Marsha for featuring June1989 on your blog today and helping spread the word of Chloe and Alexs memory. It truly means more to us than you will ever know.

Chloe did awesome this evening when we met with the reporter about the store...Ill keep you posted when the story is run:)

BIG hugs and Collette & Chloe