Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Perfect Travel Wardrobe


Splenderosa said...

Of course, I don't know how to type above the Polyvore created collage, so I'll just tell you...I used to travel with tons of stuff. No more. This is how I travel now. Plus jewelry which I change all the time. So simple, so easy, so effortless, and so so pretty & fashionable. Cause you all know I'm not going anywhere if I'm not fashionable...right? xx's

Celia M. c. said...

Gorgeous picks ... practical and versatile perfect travel!! xo HHL

Chris said...



Statements in Fashion said...

LOVE the black blazer!! Im home tomorrow working on orders, Im going to email you back then sweets:)

Hope you had a good day!

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Leslie said...

Wonderful selection of clothes for travel - great accessory pics!

Francesca Muir said...

Great post - am about to travel so taking some great tips - thank you,

VM Creation Atelier said...

That´s really true,Marsha!

I need only some very good basic....and then,full it with jewelleries and accssesoires and VOILA:-)*

I'am at this monet busy with my last order for making wedding dress....and then,21 mart I go to South Africa op vacation with my boyfriend!

Little bit tired,but it would be fantastic to see the result of my work,finally:-)*

My love and warme hugs to you,

Shauna at Classically Chic Design said...

I really needed this post. I always travel with way too much, never wear half of it and then I get home and have to spend hours and hours unpacking. Next trip I am going to try and do better. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a great day.