Friday, March 30, 2012

Totally Completely Beautiful...& a GIVEAWAY

from a lovely new blog I just found

I am completely in love with this look, the round table, the upholstery,
the framed sea sculptures on the wall, & the abundance of orchids with
the fern.  and, no, I don't think it's overdone.
remember I'm a Texas Italian...


Splenderosa's Fashion Jewelry Bracelet


in anticipation of my new website debut, at any moment now,

we are giving away this wonderful


to one of our followers

it's a 36" long wrap-around with the bling near one end,

total fashion for spring & summer.


be a follower and leave a comment.


winner chosen at random

love to you all



Talia said...

AH! Swoon. The picture took my breath away! Stunning. I am a Pennsylvania Italian. :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely new blog to follow~thanks for sharing!
I would like to be entered in the contest please, I follow you on GFC!

Kori Donahue said...

OMG! Please enter me honey! I love that! Hope you get a chance to come by and check out my new blog look! Have a great day darling! Kori xoxo

Casa Très Chic said...

OMG! It's obviously not overdone, let me join to this special group, I'm a Santa Catarina italian.
Gorgeous post as always.
Have a special weekend.

Linda in AZ * said...

*** MAGNIFICENT TABLESETTING~~~~ Lordie, I love this soft, but oh-so-exciting look!!! (And the subtle shine on the walls~~~ is that GRASSCLOTH w/ a glaze or something? YUMMY!)...

And that bracelet???? To... die... for!!! Adore the "chains w/ the bling"!!!

So glad I finally signed up~~~ have been MEANING to for ages, & this was simply the FAB INCENTIVE to get off my rear and "JUST DO IT"!!! (Smiles!)~~~


Linda in AZ *

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Love it too, Marsha!
I have already entered!

Celia M. said...

Great table setting!! Love the simplicity and elegance of the look! Hubby is Italian the look had me swooning!

Hope your website is up soon!! I can imagine what an exciting time this must be for you!!! what a lovely bracelet you are hosting ... wishing you a fabulous week-end .. and of course I'm an existing follower!! xo HHL

Ridgely's Radar said...

I was taken by the first picture and then a GIVEAWAY! I could live in that room.. The orchids, Sea life Framed... I could go on. The bracelet is to die for! OOPs I just see Linda said the same thing.. great minds..

Miss Camille said...

Oh, such beautiful rooms and flowers. I am hoping to be chosen winner of the "one of a kind" bracelet! Thank you for the opportunity to share such beauty with your followers!
I am new to your your glamorous site!

Miss Camille said...

I am new to your site. Each post is filled with glamour, beauty and elegant things. Thank you for sharing such beauty and design ideas. I am hoping to be chosen winner of the incredible bracelet. A "one of a kind"!

Leslie said...

So pretty and have already entered . Have a wonderful weekend!

Wildernesschic said...

Marsha I love it .. It reminds me of Liberty I think its the fabric design .. I love interior glamor xx

Victoria said...

I love the look in the first image, Marsha. Overdone??? Why, no. It is discreet and restrained, in my opinion. Then again -- apparently like many of your followers -- I am a NY, now FL, Italian. Don't you just adore fan coral and orchids? This room is timeless. The bracelet is fabulous, my dear.
XO Victoria

Jill said...

I absolutely LOVE your bracelet!!

Leann said...

I would love to win this pieces, its very unique and stunning. Since I didn't win the big lotto, this would make up for it nicely, lol. I would cherish this!!! oh, I follow on all social media, leannavalente, @valenteartstyle.

The enchanted home said...

Gorgeous....count me in. Am a devoted that picture too, am going to go check out the new blog as well.

Pamela said...

Love the bracelet and your blog, which is a breath of fresh air every day. I am already a follower and a huge, we're almost neighbors as I live near Beaumont. And, in response to your question yesterday, yes I would and do purchase jewelry and other items online. Thanks for the opportunity to win the bracelet.

Grazia Cannavò said...

Sono riuscita a postare prima?

Se sì scusa... amo il tuo blog, i gioielli proposti e... questo bracciale!

Susan said...

It is a beautiful room!! Love the softness of the blues and the way the white orchids standout. Absolutely love the framed sea fans and the warm glow of the candles and lamp. The bracelet is gorgeous!!! Would love to win! Thanks for a great post and the opportunity to win the bracelet!

Susan said...

This room is beautiful!! Love the softness of the blues and the way the white orchids standout!!!! Absolutely love the framed sea fans and the warm glow of the candles and lamp. The bracelet is gorgeous! Would love to win it! Thanks for a great post and the opportunity to win the bracelet!!

thetravellingprince said...

Love your style. Your images are always inspirational - and your jewelry stunning!
Count me in for the give away. Fingers, toes crossed!

thetravellingprince said...

Soft, inviting and glamorous - the room or the jewelry? Both!
Count me in please!

chedeb5353 said...

Beautiful bracelet. I am a follower.

Gail Peterson said...

Yikes.. I left you a comment last night but I think I forgot to press Publish!
I love your blog and I visit often.. Thanks for sharing such beauty. I saw the bracelet and thought is was beautiful.. I have never seen anything like it before.
It is such a perfect combination.... Casualloveselegance...Heehee
Have a beautiful Sunday*

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

Marsha, you can never have enough orchids EVER pile em up, I love 'em!