Monday, April 16, 2012

An Affair to Remember....

May "W" Magazine Cover

Nicole Kidman & Clive Owen

starring in HBO's remake of


An Affair to Remember
nicole kidman clive owen w magazine cover story

nicole kidman clive owen w magazine cover story

nicole kidman clive owen w magazine cover story

Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen

for me, Nicole Kidman has never looked more beautiful...

I think she & Keith Urban are very happy...and it shows every time they are seen together.

now it shows no matter where you see her.



Catherine Robinson said...

She looks wonderful and I adore Clive Owen...looking forward to seeing it :)
Have a wonderful week, Marsha

Simone said...

Gorgeous shots......she looks slightly "fuller" of face here & it suits her. Clive Owen is SO handsome.....he lives 5 mins from me & goes to the same coffee shop as me.....he is actually even better looking in real life I must say! When he's in town & not away filming, he's there all the time....there's always a frisson amongst the school mums when he comes in ;) Xx

Lost in Provence said...

Oh la la--she looks better than she has in many, many years!! And he? Let's just say that I am mighty jealous of Simone. That might be worth making a move to be near that coffee shop...something to think about. :)

Talia said...

Lucky Simone! Both look amazing and I agree, Nicole looks so happy and content.

Lovely shots.

Kori Donahue said...

Gorgeous photos! I love W Magazine! Kori xoxo

Henhurst Interiors said...

Yes, she just gets better and better. Love the fur throw on the bed in that last photo!

Fashion-isha said...

Okay this is so hot! I love the makeup table!!

mary said...

Can't wait to see this movie...Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman are two of my favorite actors. And Keith Urban is the most electrifying performer I've ever seen!