Monday, April 23, 2012

Over the Top

over-the-top could mean literally "up there"

or the way we usually think of it...

this is a
 profusion in Rome


A profusion in Rome. Bougainvillea by Redcipolla.

& this is from the newest issue of Italian Town & Country Magazine



pink magnolia


Can you feel the sentient Consciousness…rosy pink a high Vibration—Imagine smelling rose damascena absolute…


theglitterguide:(via baubles / Cape Cod Collegiate)

& speaking of necklaces....

my NEW web shop is OPEN

button is at the top right of this page which will take you
 to the never-to-be-finished boutique

& this is just so totally over-the-top beautiful I had to include the image,
notice the fabric the bracelet is sitting upon, the ribbon inlay which composes the
base of the bracelet, then all the hand-sewn elements, including those little cameos.
I mean, they must have sewn all the beading onto the ribbon, then laid the ribbon down on
the bracelet base.
this must be a museum piece.



Nuit Hernandez said...

oh god Marsha what an inspiring post!!! absolutely love every image. Have a beautiful week my friend!!!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Could these be any more beautiful? I've decided I"m an "over-the-top" gal!

martinealison said...

Une avalanche de fleurs... merveilleuse publication.
Gros bisous

Jess Thomas said...

Fantastic photos. The cameo bracelet is great.

Talia said...

What absolutely gorgeous photos! The flowers, scenery and jewels...amazing!

Lilly Forever! said...

I LOVE the first picture from Rome! Can you just imagine taking a deep! The photo of the hammock inspires me. I will bring mine out this year and add some new fluffy pillows! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!

Acquired Objects said...

OK that's it I'm packing my bags and moving to Italy! I love Italy so keep those Italian posts coming. That first image is to die for!


The enchanted home said...

Such beautiful images..that first one practically made me gasp and wish to be away somewhere beautiful and exotic!!!!! And SO happy your store is open..yippee!! Gonna pay you a visit!~

Shari Valicenti said...

I'm with "Acquired Objects"...I could do an "Under the Tuscan Sun" right now! Love the Italian posts too. And since I can't actually be there each image takes me to a different place...the wisteria....the magical princess with the monkey....that beautiful photo of a green home with it's greenery.... and then at the end of a day to luxurate in that marvelous romantic hammock...ohh la la or I should say Mama Mia. Anyway since I can't actually be there thanks for bringing this beauty to us! What amazing work on the bracelet...beautiful..which takes me to your jewelry....your pieces are lovely as I am to be an owner of a beautiful piece! Thank-you so much! Have a great evening Marsha, Bless!

Henhurst Interiors said...

Can something, anything, start growing up here?!? Think I need to move south. Also, I love the pink crystals - do you know what that is?