Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where Will You Go For Vacation ?

one of the things I love to do is plan a vacation,
I love making the reservations, searching out new places,
bidding on auctions on Luxury Link, asking my family & friends
to come along with me...

but once there I am never in a rush to see sights, try a special restaurant,
go shopping at the best place (actually I never go shopping when I'm travelling...
too much time spent in retail)...

I love taking time to really see, to smell, to feel, to know the people a little.

some ideas which might appeal below

Pinned Image

painting in the Rocky Mountains

The fence at Higgins Beach, good spot for surfers in Maine.

the fence at Higgins Beach, Maine


Valentino | Photographer: Walter Chin | Model: Tricia Helfer

| ♕ |  a Lady on a Bike - Copenhagen  | by © Marc van Woudenberg

ride a bike in Copenhagen

| ♕ |  Jaguar XK-140 w/ Picnic Basket  | by KRFoto

| ♕ |  Belgian Cowboy - Holiday in Brussels  | by © Peter Gutierrez

cowboys (?) in Brussels

read to your heart's content

sit by a beautiful pool

stay at home & write the novel you've always wanted to write
or invite all the neighbors in for dinner,
or re-do one room completely...

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it's a completely girly girl place...

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Statements in Fashion said...

Ahhh.....a vacation sounds awesome right about now!!! Chloe and I are doing well....busy, buy=sy..but doing awesome:)
Hope you are too! Miss you!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Lovely post. Wish i was on vacation right now, sitting on a beach in Costa Rica....thanks for stopping by our blog.

Acquired Objects said...

We're going to Italy on vacation in the late fall but I say vacation the husband says long distance shopping...;)


Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Dear Marsha, just been over to your jewellery site,oooohhh simply scrumptious!
Such gorgeous things and any one of them or all of them would go with me on my vacation in that stylish open-top car with a bottle of champagne in the basket, though I'd need to hold on to my hat! ;))) However that lovely room with the desk and fabulous window will do me until I'm feeling better!

Hugs and love to you x Jane

The enchanted home said...

Your shop is open?? I will be going to visit.....yay!! Oh a vacation sounds like heaven right now..hopefully our next one will be to either Bermuda, Italy or Napa...all places I love!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Marvelous, Marvelous!
I would head to Inverlochy Castle in Scotland.
To read, to write, to wander, to dream.

Nuit Hernandez said...

oh wow! I loved the idea of staying home and writing a novel and inviting all the neighbours for dinner!!! never thought of that!!!

Glamour Drops said...

So many delightful ideas. But driving to any of them in that classic white sports car would make it so much more special!! x

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh yes, I'll take that car when we drive to our vacation this year!
Door County! Our favorite... the "midwest Martha's Vineyard".

I can not wait!