Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bohemian Rhapsody....

when I'm in a place like this I just want to linger, afraid I will miss something...

something about the dishevelment of this room is comfortable

& I could live in this skirt all summer

& words...

see you Monday........



  1. An absolutely heavenly collection! I adore shops like the top image - I spend far too much lingering and looking and just drinking it all in. And the pig? Adorable!

  2. Oh my that skirt. Like walking in a cloud.

  3. Oh my that skirt. Like walking in a cloud.

  4. Oh my that skirt. Like walking in a cloud.

  5. What great photographs. I know the feeling of not wanting to miss anything in a shop like that in the first photo, or the fifth - is that an antiques shop? I could linger for a long time! And the piggy with his snuggly is adorable. xo, Phyllis

  6. I'm with you on the shop in the first picture I could linger forever. The pig with his piggy is so sweet!!!!! Great images all around. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Marsha.


  7. Happy Weekend, lovely! Loving all the gorgeous French details in that second to last image!

  8. Marsha,

    The little pig...too cute for words! A smile on a sunny day.

    I love the store in the first photo, I could spend hours there, so much to see. And to taste.

    Have a fabulous weekend, Elizabeth

  9. Thanks so much for the travel tips. Now I'll know where to go next time I go back to Italy!! Meanwhile I'm so happy to be back home. Love all this gorgeous eye candy :)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    PS Love this song :)

  10. Such photos - ypu know how to bring a smile to my face!! - and that shop!!! Oh My!!

  11. I NEED that skirt! Hope the tomatoes worked out. Francesca

  12. Great images and thank you so much for the e.mail earlier this week. Will be in touch with my order ;-) xx

  13. Je vous souhaite une bonne journée... La mienne fut agréable en consultant votre blog rempli de charme.
    Gros bisous

  14. Nice choices for lingering. Have a great weekend Marsha.

  15. Thank you for lovely images, mmm yes me too on that first shop,..and def the 5th image as different yet both excitingly inviting.
    Have a lovely week
    Colette xx Afrique du Sud

  16. Marsha...we would be great friends if we lived nearby. Love all that you love, I want my shop (you can see I am just assuming it WILL happen) to look like the first one..always dreamt of having a beautiful gourmet shop/book boutique that plays beautiful jazz music to look just like that:) Its good to dream right!!
    And yes to that skirt, hides lot of sins and manages to still look ultra chic!

  17. Ohhhh I am WITH YOU MARSHA! I could live in that skirt, I could cuddle that pig and I could buy fresh flowers!

    Thank you for visiting. I will PUT YOUR NAME ON THE LIST to join in on the Paris Link Party. Just take the button and link it back to me and be ready to post on June 8!!!

    And with school as NUTS and crazy as it is and now having an Etsy shop, my weekends are consumed with trying to pump out my own blog post for the week and create my Etsy wares! But thank you so much for thinking of me to be a part of your beauty group of bloggers. I have resigned from my teaching job but work until June 8. I am hoping to make a go at art and writing in some capacity!

    OK, off to put you on the list for PARIS! Anita

  18. The first image remind me of Dean & Deluca in Soho. Luscious. In another life, I owned a gourmet shop. It was fun most of the time, but I was decades younger. Love the skirt, and the pig cum pig pillow is too cute for words.

  19. Marsha! Now you're making me with I had bought a few of those metal dolly buckets from Atelier! I would be happy setting up a cot in any of those places! XO Trish

  20. I loved the skirt too! The flowers were amazing and the marketplace made me hungry! But oh dear, the little piglet stole my heart! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Love this post Marsha... such gorgeous shots... xv


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