Wednesday, May 9, 2012

GIVEAWAY From My New Website....

breaking news for all of us:  Brad Pitt is the new FACE Of CHANEL #5
come Fall we will see the video, maybe even in the USA.
being paid 7 figures.
but that figures.

3 bracelets




the wristband is made of individual Bali beads, 
which jewelry designer, Michael Dawkins, calls granulations.
they are fashion jewelry at it's finest

this set of 3 bracelets will be given to 3 of my readers

they are all stretchable and you can stack them up,
all of you saavy fashion gals will already know what to do with them.

please believe me, they are lovely, and they are NEW to my shop.
they just need 3 good homes.

go on over to my website, link at the top right, take a look around
and leave a comment for me.
If you follow me, you will receive 2 extra chances, so please tell me.

I must tell you, this idea is not original...Vicki Archer is doing fabulous giveaways over
at Frence Essence, announcing her new website,  and I've copied her inspirational ideas.

go see her if you haven't already

for me knowing Vicki, and many many other beautifully talented women around the world
is what makes blogging wonderful.
I know all of you feel the same.

Giveaway will be open through next Monday night !!!!



Peggy said...

Simply stunning!Thank you for bringing a little beauty into our lives each day; I'm delighted to be one of your followers. I'll keep my fingers crossed that I'll be one of the lucky winners.

Glamour Drops said...

These are truly stunning Marsha. It must be the season for new looks, methinks, between you and Vicki. I'll pop over to have a look at your new baby.

Designs By Pinky said...

LOOOVE these bracelets!!! All 3 are just beautiful and I would CHERISH them. I am a follower. XO, Pinky

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I LOVE this giveaway, Marsha!! Just gorgeous.
Your website is gorgeous. Added the new address to the blog shop.
I am a follower.

PS- Yes, I love Vicki's new design.. Gorgeous.

gathercat - iconnu at gmail dot com said...

Wowsa. You have some seriously lovely items available on your site.

I particularly am intrigued by the feather headband, although I don't know that it would work with my hair (it's pretty huge hair, so it would probably just swallow up the feathers).

The blue spring necklace with the large stones is also quite lovely.

I am a follower through GFC as gathercat.

Dizzy Lizzie said...

This is fabulous! Splendid. :) Your jewellery is exquisite.

Michelle said...

Lovely, just lovely. I'm so happy for you in your new endeavor, congratulations, from a faithful follower!

Michelle said...

Lovely, just lovely. I'm so happy for you in your new endeavor, congratulations, from a faithful follower!

chedeb5353 said...

I am a follower. Your website is beautiful as are the bracelets!

martinealison said...

Quels jolis bracelets !... Gros bisous

LouBoo said...

Hello there Marsha - these did kinda catch my eye! I have new-found interest in any new website nowadays! Funny that... ;-) Lou x

Lauren said...

I love this giveaway! I would have never guessed those bracelets are stretch, they are so gorgeous!! I just looked at all the beauty in your shop and was particularly drawn to the London Blue Topaz, Iolite, Aquamarine Lariat
Y very pretty! I am a follower. Thanks for the opportunity :)

thetravellingprince said...

A joy to behold - meaning your give-aways AND Brad Pitt.
Count me in!
Love all the white space in between your gorgeous items - well done.

AnnaZed said...

Wow, what a great shop. I love those Delicate Single-Strand Dangles of Turquoise/Green on Gold; how pretty they are.

Now that I have found you I'm a follower on GFC as 'Marguerite'.

The Cape Club said...

Simply breathtaking bracelets Marsha.. I'm just deliberating which one first?.. PS>. I forwarded your blog info to a friend Di Cant .. sure she'll LOVE your jewels as well.. She's a personal Shopper/Stylist in Brisbane Au.. and PPS.. I love your vibey music with your new site.. gets me going! Its gotta be a good good life! Its a good good life indeed.. :)

Mystica said...

Love this giveaway and love that you are giving us all the chance of winning.


The enchanted home said...

Looks like you have added even more gorgeous things!!!!! I have to get my order together, so many beautiful things but love that white stretch cuff bracelet, so chic, could see that on a tanned body with a cute sundress. Love it have some GORGEOUS things Marsha!
Am a loyal follower as you know:)

Anonymous said...

Love.. so many things in the shop! The silver clutch, the stackable rings, the London Blue Topaz necklace..
Great giveaway! I also follow you on GFC.

Dotti said...

I love the oval white wrap bracelet. And that other wrap bracelet that sold out! No doubt the oval one will sell out soon too! I am a follower.

Kathleen Lisson said...

So my wrist smells like Brad Pitt looks? Hmm... I am interested to see how the marketers at Chanel design this ad.

Talia said...

You have so many lovely items from which to choose! Each piece is amazing.

What a great give-a-way and I'd be thrilled to win. Bracelets are my jewelery love language. :)

I am a follower. Heading over to see Vicki...

Swede Dreamer said...

What a fabulous giveaway! These bracelets are stunning. Your blog is such a wonderful dose of daily inspiration! Have a great day~Angie

Henhurst Interiors said...

Well, I needed a pick-me-up today so I didn't just visit the shop, I bought myself a little something - and the bracelets would look great with it! ;-)

Anonymous said...

So many pretty pieces! The white stretch bracelet is a piece that seems to be very versatile. Love the pretty pictures of garden clothing today!

Oh yes, I have been a happy follower for a while now!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

so beautiful, Marsha! the remind me of the bracelets in the Caribbean. love how they are quietly beautiful.

Caroline said...

Congrats Marsha on your new site - its fabulous. I love the shots of those beautiful florals. ..awould love to wear but sometimes they scare me..maybe I will just start with a top! And i have been happily following for almost 12 months!

Caroline said...

Congrats Marsha on your wonderful new site. I love all those beautiful florals ..would love to wear them..maybe I will just start with a top! ps been a follower for a whie now too!

Veronica said...

They are all simply stunning! How could I choose only one...impossible! I am in love with all the turquoise on your website. I have also just discovered that on the 14th I have been blogging and following for a year!! Happy dance ~ samba for i can't get rid of that silly tune!



horneg said...

I am in love with the earrings and cuff! And I cannot wait til those diamond hoops you previewed a few days ago are available! Would love to wear a piece of your eye candy.

Verdigris Vie said...

Beautiful Site Marsha - and of course beautiful Jewels - the hammered cuffs are TDF - and the rings and the green earrings. ..


M77355 said...

It's such a pleasure to see each newly arrived email from Splenderosa - instantly wondering which beautiful jewelry or accessory, locale, clothing, party you'll feature that day. It's a true pleasure.
I'd never have thought the subject bracelets were stretch! Good looking and that little touch of shine that works with so much. I will definitely be able to find perfect pieces in your shop for my daughter's wedding parties once I find the dresses!
Loyal follower

Aik said...

I'm following Splenderosa blog! I've visited your website, and I definitely love what I see. I love the Shades of Blue Earwires!

aikychien at yahoo dot com said...

So many lovely pieces at your shop! I especially love the cross-body cell phone purses! I need new bracelets, but my wrists are so small. Can you suggest a few to me???

carolyn bradford said...

Love the shop! The stackable bracelets are wonderful! This is a great idea for a giveaway and I can't wait to check out your daughter's website! Have a great mother's day weekend!
Carolyn Bradford

VM Creation Atelier said...

How much I would LOVE to be a happy winner.......................!!!
You website is SO good,fresh absolutely stylish and vibrant:-)*

Thank you for you visit,my dear friend,

Loui♥ said...

I would LOVE being a winner of these awesome bracelets!!
have to agree..
your site is delightfully differently FRESH!
Brad Pitt..passe'
now that he is older, scruffy..
he's lost the APPEAL of earlier times..
like Thelma and Louise..
nope.. does not do a thing for me..
ps.. just became a follower!

Linda said...

How beautiful...I would love to win a bracelet.They would look fabulous stacked together. Your site is lovely and I am excited to visit your daughter's blog.
You are a beautiful woman and i so appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog and leave your kind words. Happy Mother's day. I am also a new follower.

Design is... All in the Detail said...

Hey Girlfriend - I have been on vacation for the past 10 days and feel like the blog world has passed me by! I (of course) LOVE your jewelry and would be so honored and excited to have any (or all!) of these gorgeous bracelets... you have the BEST TASTE! I love your goodies! Good luck to all, Marsha. xoxox Jalon

Abramyan Avenue said...

I just found your blog via Pink Saturday...and I'm so glad I did. I love it!! I visited your shop and found so many cute bracelets. I just returned to work after nearly two years of searching and bracelets are my favorite go-to accessory! Please add me in this giveaway... I'm heading over to now to look around a bit more. (And I'm your newest follower!)