Tuesday, May 22, 2012

MakeUp, SkinCare & Fragrance....

this is about as subjective as telling someone you know a great hairdresser isn't it?

choosing makeup, skincare and fragrance is just so personal.

however, I've come to love Tish's columns about the products she uses and likes,
you know Tish over @ A Femme d'Un Certain Age 

I don't keep my brushes in Mason jars, however, my dressing table almost looks like this,
lots of brushes, some mostly unused, some used daily & irreplaceable.

I think I told you I apply my makeup with a wet sponge, I don't need a lot of
coverage and prefer the sheerness of the water-based foundation.  
I apply it everywhere, even my eyelids, because it's not at all oily and does not 
effect the eyeshadow (which you know is Nars, which I also apply with water)

this is the approximate shape of  my eyes and they are definitely blue.
I have naturally very fair skin and have always used mostly earth tones
on my eyes...but I like a very dark eye, with lots of lashes.

Lotion De Beaute Reconfortante - Comforting Beauty Lotion

this Carita product is worth it's weight in gold.
they call it a toner, but I think it's so much more than this.
I apply it with my fingertips to my completely made-up face,
just pat in on my skin. 
you will have the most moist, dewy-looking skin you've ever seen,
& I think it actually sets your makeup.
(not for eyelids)

the Sisley product is very expensive but a little drop goes a very long way.
I use this under my night creme and during the day when I'm not wearing makeup.
I have no idea why it's called
"Immediate Lift"
it's just so delightful on your skin, like honey dew.

Ceramide Cream
& then we have this little olive oil based product which is formulated with 100%
natural ceramides to replenish the lipid levels in our skin. it's inexpensive and it works for me.

& CeraVe is my new body lotion/cream, I use it liberally all over just seconds after a bath,
my derm doctor told me to apply after patting dry, leaving a bit of water on the skin.
my skin is DRY and I cannot miss even one day of moisturizing. I prefer this cream to the lotion.
the doctor knew what he was talking about, it's very inexpensive and he said it's the best !
it also has ceramides & hyaluronic acid.

don't laugh, I use Eterna 27 a Revlon product as my night cream.
I've used it since I was 27, and I'm very happy with the results.

my lipsticks and lip gloss are in these colors, because I'm pale I don't need something
bright bouncing off my face.
but whatever lipstick I use, I always put a dollop of lipgloss on top, the gloss in the
little tubes.  I have tubes everywhere in my home, in my handbags, in my pockets...
I'm addicted to lipgloss.

enough for now, I've got to find a new handbag for the summer,
or should I just use one of those nylon totes I showed on my blog post last week?




Sam [The Peak of Tres Chic] said...

I love hearing what products people wear. It sounds like you have a great routine going! I need to check out water-based foundations. I use a powder base but sometimes I'm afraid it looks a little heavy. XOXO, Sam

Tierney Decaire said...

I absolutley adore all of the Chanel lipstick colors pictured above.

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

I was in the beauty industry early in my career and always enjoy reading what products and lines others like. I'm crazy about using good brushes to apply foundation and shadow. It's fun to feel like a make-up artist when you use them.

Lost in Provence said...

Love these girly posts Marsha! And yes, I hang on to Tish's every word too! I finally bought the Eucerin night cream that we have here in France and am sold forever. But I have to say that I love doing eyeshadow with my fingertips like Bobbie Brown always has suggested. It is so fast--I just hope it isn't giving me more wrinkles!!! :O

Caroline said...

I love the sounds of some of these -especially the olive oil based cream..I will do a search to see if its here in Australia!

bee bon said...


rosedeva said...

I love Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadow and I, too, like earth tones, but she doesn't seem to have a really good dark brown. What eye shadow do you use, Marsha?
Please keep us up to date on which summer handbag you decide on! Or maybe show us your choices.