Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Show Stoppable Totes

OK, now these are great !!!!
Foldable Nylon Shoppers

ja hd 1293 tote bag fuchsia lg.jpg

ja hd 1293 tote bag green lg.jpgja hd 1293 tote bag orange lg.jpgja hd 1293 tote bag red lg.jpg
ja hd 1293 tote bag black lg.jpg

Size:  15" W x 12" H x 7" Deep
which is nice & LARGE
zipper top
$ 30

ja hd 1294 tote bag black lg.jpg

ja hd 1294 tote bag fuchsia lg.jpg
ja hd 1294 tote bag red lg.jpg

ja hd 1294 tote bag green lg.jpg

this one is ever larger
size:  16.5" W x 11" H x 9" Deep
zipper top & detachable shoulder strap

send an email if you would like to order

these  bags are great gifts, wonderful for shopping or travelling
when you always need extra room and no weight.

special purchase
available from Splenderosa only

thank you to everyone for supporting my new website and me via my blog.
this means so very much to me.




Libby said...

They are the cutest things and should really come in handy. Wish I had one for this weekend's trip.

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

Very chic Marsha and I love the idea of lightweight. Would be great for extra carry-on luggage on the way home from a trip. I'm curious. Do they fold well so you could stick them in a suitcase?

Splenderosa said...

Sam, the 1st ones fold completely flat, the other one fold almost completely flat. They work well in luggage.

Lost in Provence said...

Very Longchamp, Marsha--at a quarter of the price! What great colors too. Perfect to bring back treasures--and then pretend that it really isn't too heavy a bag for carryon!!! ;)

martinealison said...

J'en possède un ... Il est vraiment très pratique.
Gros bisous

Catherine Robinson said...

These are great Marsha, if I didn't live in the UK I'd order ;-)
As gorgeous as Longchamp!

Swede Dreamer said...

Good morning, Marsha! Thanks for visiting me today and the heads up about your tote post! I think that hot link is my favorite! Angie

chubskulit said...

so pretty.
Pink Blooms, have a blessed Sunday!