Monday, May 14, 2012

Tish Jett's Outfit for her Book Interviews

Probably you know by now that Tish of A Femme d'Un Certain Age,

her beautiful & witty blog is HERE,

is about to publish a fabulous book, so she's hard at work in France completing her work.

Now, even though Tish is one of my besties in the blogging world we haven't met,

but nevertheless I was forward enough to choose an outfit for her which I
think might be great as her go-to outfit as she conducts her interview.

This one...
Tish's Outfit for her Book Interviews, created by splenderosa on Polyvore

I've been searching for the perfect way to wear those white Gucci pants with the stripe down the side,

I mean, are they awesome?

a little striped top, under this beautifully draping short jacket with the floppy flower,
you know the French and their stripes?

as an alternative, the gray/greige silk trousers.

& the accessories bringing a POP of color.

Tish doesn't like wearing really high heels when she's working or shopping, 
so I thought the little wedge was perfect.

and the entire outfit could be worn with no jewelry, it's pretty enough on it's own.
but, I like the jewelry, it completes the ensemble and says you thought about what
you would wear and the way in which you would present yourself.

Tish, would you wear this?

If not, I'm going to !!



déjà pseu said...

Lovely spring ensembles! The pops of coral are very "in" in Paris right now.

Tish Jett said...

Oh, my dearest, darling Marsha,

What an unbelievably adorable surprise! I had no idea. You are wonderful, you really, really are!!!

I know a lot of people in my life who would like to see me in that outfit, probably partially because it's not black or midnight navy.

Lots of love toujours,

Francine Gardner said...

You truly are a great friend! i love what you put together for Tish, I am a fan of her "looks" you both make it so easy and simple to get dressed for any occasion. I am struggling over what to wear for a very extravagant press yacht afternoon into cocktails event.

LPC said...

Those shoes! Wonderful, with the navy stripes in particular.

Catherine Robinson said...

What a lovely friend you are Marsha...the outfit looks perfect ;-)

Lost in Provence said...

Marsha, I love that you did this!!! Our wonderful Tish deserves all of the support that she can get while finishing her fabulous book--I know that it is going to be fantastic!

Your outfit is so her--elegant yet hip and understated without being the least bit dull. Perfect!

Gros bisous,