Thursday, May 3, 2012

What I Will Wear to the Kentucky Derby 2012


What I Will Wear to the Kentucky Derby 2012 

now that I've completed my outfit for the Derby on Saturday,
I hope you approve.

I saw a photo of Fergie in the Givenchy dress and I knew it was finished for me.

I knew I loved the white dresses, and this one just has so much pizazz, without being overloaded with a floral print. 
anyway, wearing white will be unexpected.
if I were a 1st-timer at the races maybe I would wear the florals, but I know how many events
you attend during this one very long day, and somehow this dress seemed to be elegant, edgy,
whimsical & demur all at the same time.
I don't think it adds weight to one's hips at all.
staying close to the beiges/tans/golds with all my accessories made sense.
especially when the Jill Henning hat sits atop the entire outfit.
the shoes are beige, but bold, so is the handbag.
I added the Swarovski handbag just because it's so beautiful.
the little gold sequined flats are a necessity as the events begin with a breakfast.

the gold watch, with a tennis bracelet, no bangles as this is a day of shouting,clapping and those things just
get in the way after a long time.
Multi-Stranded Necklace & Gold/Diamond Earrings.


the Hermes scarf just because.

the only way to survive this day is to drink Perrier most of the time.
maybe a little cocktail at breakfast and one Mint Julep somewhere along the way, of course.

we are leaving Friday morning in order to attend the
Brown Barnstable Party Friday night.
it's not nearly as much fun as it sounds, but we will put in an appearance, then go
on to another gala at one of the hotels.

I'm houseguesting with friends, so it's really painless for me.

we will be home Sunday so that everyone can be back at work on Monday.
once a year we can do a marathon, can't we?

I'm still for "Gemologist" just in case you wanted to know.

What I Will Wear to the Kentucky Derby 2012 by splenderosa featuring genuine leather handbags


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

You will look gorgeous Marsha......I love the white dress and the hat and with some of your jewellery, you will look stunning.
I'm going for the horse ' I'll Have Another'.....think of me when you see it trotting in last. That's how much luck I have when betting on a horse !! haha
Have a wonderful day on Saturday and have a glass of Champagne for me. XXXX

The enchanted home said...

LOOOOOOOOOVE the outfit. I would wear every single item you pictured. And that dress was one of two of my picks.. Love the gold accents..tres chic! You nailed fashionable friend!

Francine Gardner said...

Fabulous dress and hat!!! the accessories are so will walk in these heels? I was having dinner with my friend whose son ia a polo player. The subject of the races came up and I was mentioning how I would love to go to the Derby at least once.
I cannot wait to see you pictures... Have a fantastic week end.

Acquired Objects said...

You're going to look fabulous Marsha and I love your hat choice. I hope you have a wonderful time and I can't wait to see a few pictures afterwards.

Enjoy your day!
Debra~ said...

Marsha - So gorgeous! I am going to the Kentucky Oaks tomorrow and I can't wait! We usually do the Derby, but decided to do something different this year. However, I will be placing bets on the Derby. I am going with Take Charge Indy! I see Gemologist is a 6-1 odd right now! Should be interesting! Have a blast and good luck!!!!

linda said...

Have a narvelous time!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

You'll be looking fabulous! Can't wait to see pictures.

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Well with this ensemble you will be he belle of the ferny, Marsha! Have a wonderful time.
Happy Thursday.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...


This outfit is stunning! I think you are going to look fabulous and I cannot wait to see the photos from your trip.

Enjoy your trip and your friends, Elizabeth

Catherine Robinson said...

You will look simply gorgeous...have a fabulous time, Marsha.

Nancy said...

It sounds perfect, every detail! Have a wonderful weekend, and good luck. Im doing a post on the derby ( sort of) tomorrow! Have a mint julep for me, please!

Shari Valicenti said...

This was my pick as you know and the hat is a stunner and the perfect balance and statement for that lovely dress. Your accessories are beautiful. I was looking forward to see how you would put it all fun! Hope you post a picture of yourself with it all put together. Have a wonderful Derby Day! Shari

Greet Lefèvre said...

I you wear this outfit here, you will look gorgeous!!! Go for it!!

Tish Jett said...

Let's see. . . the first thing that came into my head was "unspeakably chic" followed by stunning, elegant, traffic stopping and on and on. . . The dress is a knock-out and of course, you're an accessory mavin. The hat? To die-for. I love big hats. Unfortunately life provides few opportunities for a spectacular hat.

Have a wonderful time Cherie. Will there be pictures?


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Though not in Kentucky, I will be at a Derby party.
In an unspeakably lavish hat.

Lilly Forever! said...

Absolutely gorgeous outfit! I adore your style!

Victoria said...

Your choices are superb. Why am I not surprised? Love, love, love the hat. Have a wonderful weekend, Marsha.
XOXO Victoria

Eleonora Boiserie & C. said...

I am fascinating...! All really easy & chic!
Ciao Eleonora

Libby said...

Amazing! You must post pictures.