Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Amalfi Coast of Italy, Take 2

I need say nothing more...this is my favorite place on


As we go along this week I'll show you some images from my
visits to Italy.  The fabulous shots were taken by my son, Steve,
who is a commercal photographer of some note.  Some are just
family photos taken by my dear incapacitated husband, Ned, who
always had a camera in his hand.  I knew when we went the last time
it would be his final trip to Europe and I planned every little detail
to make him happy, including taking our 7.5 lb poodle, FiFi, with us.

me with FiFi

this image is the wallpaper on my computer,
I see it every day and still marvel at the beauty.

we rented a villa between Sorrento & Positano in a little place called
Massa Lubrense
where we had a 180 view of the Mediterranean Sea.
a place we could enjoy without any stress, a pool and
this view that only God could give you.

The hotel where Ned & I stayed on our 1st visit to Sorrento
Hotel Bellevue Syrene

the dining al fresco hotel's casual little cafe,
open all day & into the evening

the hotel's beautiful dining terrace overlooking the steep cliff & the sea
very elegant dress required

Daytime in the Villa Pompeiana Restaurant with view to Vesuvius

evening in the hotel's formal dining room,
everything white glove service,
& the most beautifully presented plates of Italian cuisine.

hotel's beach area...aren't the umbrellas just too pretty for words?
the hotel had a grotto with a real swimming pool, but it was mostly in the
shade in the afternoons, and the social part of me & Ned wanted to be
among the other visitors.

craft like this were common-place, as were huge sailing craft...at night
when they had all their lights on the rigging & around the sides if you
were driving on the coast road high above the sea you could see how
beautiful the aquamarine water is...each time I saw this I gasped with delight.

my little yacht

just another little street scene

below, some of the jewelry I might wear in this part of the world,
 created in our Studio Splenderosa

kyanite, aquamarine & blue topaz, with iolite

genuine stick coral on sterling

14k gold with peridot, topaz, amethyst, citrine, carnelian, blue topaz, tournamine  

14k gold with angel skin turquoise

multi-strand top-drilled freshwater pearls with vintage pendant
so no 2 will be alike

 gold single strand necklaces with single drop of
various semi-precious stones,
which could be any material one desired,
all faceted by hand

freshwater keshi pearls with green amethyst

Hand Braided Peridot Rondelles
with large Green Amethyst Pendant
(no longer available)

14K Gold Hand Faceted Chain, Angel Skin Turquoise Rope

Bracelet, Blue Crystal Quartz, Peridot, Tourmaline, Jade
& Freshwater Pearls

Sterling Silver Wired Cuff
with various pink stones & pearls,
Swarovski crystals add sparkle

Bracelet, Angel Skin Turquoise Beads Hand Wired on
Sterling with vintage Clasp

4 Bracelets Stacked
Various Art Glass Beads, Vermeil Bali Beads
with Turquoise & Peruvian Opal

and the perfect outfit, one you could literally wear every day
Italian Etro
note:  add a bra or cami

special note, don't wear jeans

the most wonderful reason to rent a house/villa is that if many people are travelling
it ends up being almost the same price as a hotel room, 
but you have a big piece of property, your own pool,
your own kitchen, your own laundry, a housekeeper/cook,
and the ability to immerse yourself into the local
culture...you go shopping for wines, groceries, fruits, vegetables,
fish, wines, local delicacies, wines 
and you have the time for true friendships to develop with
the local shopkeepers, restaurant owners, etc.
We celebrated Ned's birthday at a little trattoria
owned by our housekeeper's son...on a little sidewalk in Sorrento.
We met people from England, Ireland & Germany who all
had birthday cake with us.

The homes we've rented have been in locations we had been previously
so we knew we wanted to go back and
spend a lot more time soaking up everything. 
For me, those places are always on the water somewhere.

Tomorrow, photos of the villa we rented + Positano
& more fashion & jewelry

  this post is a reprise of one I posted in March 2010 when
I didn't have nearly so many followers/readers/friends.

hope you enjoyed



Simone said...

I love France (as you know) but I honestly don't think there is anywhere in Europe more beautiful than this part of Italy.

Stunning photos Marsha, I love looking at them.

Love your music choice too XX

Our French Inspired Home said...

Looks like an amazing place. How hard it must have been to leave the villa. I think we always try to figure out a way to stay whenever we go on vacation!

déjà pseu said...

Oh, it's just breathtaking!! The jewelry too... love those sparkling sea tones.

The enchanted home said...

WOW oh WOW! This is AMAZING...first of all you are such a glamourama, love that picture of you then the pictures nearly had me falling off my chair, they are so insanely gorgeous and this music you have piped in just fits the glamorous and sophsitciated mood to perfection. Incredible!! I have been to Italy 3 times but not once made it to the Amalfi coast but guess where hubby and I agreed is our next big trip? Yep....we both agreed, the Amalfi coast. Doesnt' get much better than that, and your jewels...OMG that necklace with the pendant, am going to email you on that one, I NEED more info, its gorgeous. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous images Marsha!!

Splenderosa said...

Thank you for this lovely compliment on our jewelry, DP. I know how discerning you are, so I am very grateful.

Splenderosa said...

Just for you, Simone...the music.

Karen @ Pas Grand-Chose said...

Wow, Marsha, I can't decide which is more stunning - your photos of the Amalfi coast or your jewellery! What a gorgeous post. We also like best to rent a house in places we travel to for at least a week - a fabulous way to get to know your surroundings well. I love that you took your dog with you!

Splenderosa said...

Thank you, Tina, so much. All these pieces are "to order" only, so there is a bit of a wait. Love that necklace too, it's one of my favs of all the things I've ever created.

Lost in Provence said...

Ah, this was so very wonderful to see--a dream! I have been asking to know more about you since I am one of your newbie's and of course, how generous you are with all of us because I know I am not the only one. Yes, I agree with Simone, as wonderful as France can be, that part of Italy is just pure Heaven. Well, I would think as I have never been and please don't tell my honey!
And yes, your bijoux are more and more wonderful too. Up, up and away my friend...

Mrs A said...

That is a very beautiful part of the world, the first time i stepped onto the cliff face at Sorrento my jaw dropped! Its my favourite also, stunning, its my blog header too!
Those blue aquamarine earrings are gorgeous! Love the photo of you and fifi! Have a fabulous time, I'm off to the uk tomorrow, but may go to Sorrento at the end if we have time!

shiree segerstrom said...

What a beautiful part of the world. How have I missed it in my travels! Your jewelry is really special. Shiree'

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Love them all a heavenly trip.
Your jewelry is lovely too.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...


I am in awe at your stunning vacation photos! I love Italy and have Ben many, many times but never to the almafi coast. You may need to be their brand ambassador! Both you and Fifi look great.

Now, can I just tell you....your new jewelry! Wow! I love the necklace with the pendant, and the bracelet with the antique clasp.

Going to your store now! Thanks for sharing.


Entre Nous said...

Simply gorgeous photographs, and I so love the jewelry :}

Ann said...

You look beautiful, Marsha!

martinealison said...

Merci pour l'ensemble de vos merveilleuses photos... Je suis certaine que vous avez passé des moments formidables... Les points de vue sont sublimes.
J'ai aussi beaucoup aimé la photo de l'enfant et de la barque qui pointe le bout de son nez entre les roches...
Votre "yacht" aussi était beau !
Quant aux bijoux, ils sont incontestablement très beaux.

Gros bisous

Chris said...

Absolutely breathtaking! Now, the Amalfi coast is on my bucket list. So many places, so little time...I'd surely like to figure out how to live in constant travel to all the places I want to go. Anyone?
xoxo, Chris

Francesca Muir said...

What a beautiful post - so heart-felt and how lovely to have such an amazing record of your trip. I am so glad you shared it again. Thank you and I love the jewellery -perfect. F

Victoria said...

I am sure that was a memorable vacation. The images are stunning. There are many beautiful places in the world, but I think one would be hard pressed to find one more beautiful than Italy. Your new jewelry is smashing too.
XO Victoria

VM Creation Atelier said...

Hi,hello,my dear,wonderful Marsha:-)*

I`am SO glad to see you at this phophoto!!!
I think,I knew how nice you are...and it`s realy true!

Beyond gorgeous photos from Italy,Oh,my Godness,just so beautiful place!
Breathtaking nice!!!
I know now my next vacation place,thank you so very much:-)))*

I can`t enaugth say about your new designs,Marsha.They are fresh,new and high TOP with so much great ideas and details!
I like one necklace with pearls with vintage pendant,great work,amazing pice!!!

And bracelets are so good by everywhere fashions style!

Hugs and Love,

Dash said...

Marsha, I adore the Amalfi Coast and your sons pictures are stunning, I want to go right now! Your beautiful jewellery is just the thing to wear, the colours compliment the beautiful scenery perfectly. looking forward to seeing the Villa.

Susan Hawthorne said...

These pictures are breathtaking- now I have to go visit there and stay in that unbelievable hotel. You new jewelry is exquisite- especially the freshwater pearls with the pendant. Susan at Romancing the Home

Dash said...


Forgot to add, I am so glad you reprised this post.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh Marsha, LOVE this post and love y'all spent such a wonderful time, making memories against the, sometimes, frostiness of life. I would love to go to this part of Italy; Dave and I were in other regions but not this one. It's absolutely divine!

Veronica said...

Oh my word I am captivated and enchanted remembering my trip to Positano and Sorrento! Your sons pics are splendid and what a view from the villa. I agree it is the way to do it. Nothing beats shopping for food and salad things at the markets with my phrase book in hand and much laughing and gestulating to make meself understood! La dolce vita Bella Marsha, la dolce vita!


Veronica said...

Ohh forgot to say.. love you anf Fifi!