Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Continuing the Italian Experiences....

Set in a private Mediterranean park

Planning your day

Rome Cavalieri, a Waldorf-Astoria Hotel

one would have to know of this property, which is set on a hill-top overlooking Rome.
it is an oasis in the middle of a metropolis.
a place to relax, surrender to the experiences of travelling, to take it all in...
and still be close to the action.

A bird’s eye view

Planetarium Terrace


La Pergola

Outdoor Pool

Indoor Pool

Amethyst Turkish Bath

I have been here many times as Rome is the destination from almost any US city when
you are travelling to Italy.

It isn't that I prefer Rome as my starting point, it's logistics.

The hotel has gone through a major renovation within the past several years, and re-opened
as the 1st Waldorf-Astoria property in Europe. It has been on the Top 5 Hotels in the World list
many times.
There are amazing shops within the hotel's confines, an art gallery which surpasses many museums,
fine & casual dining, a major work-out facility, tennis courts, and many other outdoor activities
for sportsmen.  The spa is beyond belief.

But, my favorite activity is sitting poolside with my book or magazines.

The main dining room which is beautiful, serves the BEST food, all beautifully presented.
My most memorable dining experience was at this lovely place.

The most wonderful thing...they have a shuttle every 30 minutes which will take
guests to any destination in Rome, and then they will come and fetch you again.
It makes moving around so simple, no need for a car at all.

photos, all from their website.

via Condotti with Spanish Steps in background

Spanish Steps at 7 AM, it's always busy in this area,
the world-famous Hassler Roma Hotel is in the background...
no matter, I still prefer being away from it all on the grounds of the Cavalieri.

Borghese Gardens

my Italy, the place you discover after you see all the famous tourist spots,
visit all the ruins, go to the Vatican, shop-till-you-drop...
a simple sidewalk cafe serving the best Italian ever, a glass of wine,
great conversations with friends, and just "living" life.

Avocado Gelato

you will find the recipe HERE

from the foodie blogger, Pattie


BTW, have any of you seen the movie "The Way"
Emilio Estavez & Martin Sheen.
Must see it.  It's available for rental now.
My daughter & I loved it, we watched all of the commentary on
the additional scenes of the DVD.
It's inspirational & aspirational.

love to all.....



  1. Reminds me of our honeymoon trip...Love Italy, the most sexy and romantic place for me(:
    Enjoy it!
    hugs Z

  2. Sounds fantastic, when are we going?

    I am off to check out the avocado recipe, looks and sounds scrumptious.


  3. OK OK! Thats it...you have finally convinced me that my husband HAS to see these posts you keep teasing us with, so I can convince him a trip to the Amalfi coast is a MUST DO not a luxury:) I know you will back me up on this......how magical this is!! Absolutely breathtaking.

  4. Juste vivre la "vie" me plaît beaucoup en dégustant une bonne glace... je ne connais pas ce parfum à l'avocat... mais je veux bien essayer!...
    Merci pour l'ensemble de vos merveilleuses photos.

    Gros bisous.

  5. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  6. Can I somehow magically transport myself there right this very instant? To dive into the pool and then have a massage? Then a nap by the pool? Then a glass of white wine and some antipasti? Please? Pretty Please?!?

  7. So happy for you Splenderosa! I love your wonderful images! Buone Vacanze!

  8. My dear friend...am I pleased I got back here to your blog in time to catch the Italian Experience. So many wonderful memories from my visit and wowee we had lunch at Rosati's! The hotel is a masterpiece and the views just amazing! How I would love to be on the Via Condotti now with my daughter as well...we nearly dropped down at the sight of the shop assistants in YSL, each one looking like a super model!!! We forgot to look at the merchandise and had to go back for another peek...at the clothes this time!!! Roma ~ we were there when they won the Soccer World Cup 2006 ~ time to go back!



  9. Oh my - that looks divine!! Heaven knows when I get to go to Rome again but when I do - it's at the top of the list!!


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