Sunday, June 17, 2012


what really struck me about the Mason jar drinks is:



(vía Båthuset rustades upp - Skonahem)

it's not just the beauty of the bouquet, look at the background & just soak it up...

I have no idea where this is, but I know I wanna be there for the rest of the day.


almost asleep (by daylessday)

Attending a symposium recently, there was a segment on how the brain translates actual
visual sights of lovely things into happy know like seeing dogs or any animals,
creating something beautiful all on your own, decorating, etc.
What I learned stunned me.
Anything we see on our computer screen, like our blog friend's posts for example,
translates into this same feeling.

Amazing to think isn't it?
There is scientific proof that seeing something beautiful on our computer screen gives us
the same feelings as seeing it in person.

Now, we know why we blog.
It makes us happy !!!

It's a Good Good Day


Garden Waterfall, Ireland
photo via beldam



Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Agree with you, Marsha! Isn't blogging great?!!
Happy Sunday.


Such gorgeous, fresh summery images you just shared! I am loving the 3 dogs refreshing themselves, lol..Happy Father's Day!

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

That's amazing isn't it? I loved the first pic of the three dogs! And then the last one of the waterfall gorgeous.

Hugs to you

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

You just know the day your dogs decide to wallow in a mud puddle is the day you wear white! Those drinks do look very refeshing for summer but somehow I can't imagine you drinking from a jar! I think you need to do a post: Marsha's step by step guide on How to look elegant whilst sipping froma Mason Jar! ;)

Lost in Provence said...

No kidding it is a good day, dear Marsha! Wow!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Love each and every image! I smiled from the image of the pups all the way to the stunning moss covered fountain.

Have a gret night, Elizabeth

Acquired Objects said...

I've been smiling since the first picture and thought summer since our Dylan was in muddy water today and having a blast. Yep I have to say all these pictures made me smile!


carolyn bradford said...

This post made me so happy! I'm always thinking I'm the strange one…or I realize my extended family thinks I am…but I LOVE blogging and YES…it makes me happy!!! Thanks for stating the obvious and I love reading your blog posts!! They make me happy! and I thank you for that! Hope your week is wonderful!

martinealison said...

Merci pour ce merveilleux panel de photos... Certaines apportent un grand sourire sur ma face. J'aimerais faire comme ce bon tout de la dernière!!


Anonymous said...

No wonder I feel that way! I love it when things I experience are proven to be scientific facts!
Your beautiful blog always makes me happy and inspired!

Thank you!!


Renée Finberg said...

truly summertime images!!
the cow really killed me!

mom send her love as do i.

Sharon (Roses and Rust) said...

It must be true because looking at all these lovely pictures definitely improved my mood 100%! X Sharon

Anonymous said...

Love the first image of those three dogs! Pure happiness!

Anonymous said...

I love that! What an easy way to improve your day-reading a blog!

xo, Lissy parker

Barbara Jordan Dettweiler said...

Those three dogs definitely made me happy - thank you! :)