Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What To Wear To A Summer Wedding....

so the day is nearing when I will have to finalize my plans for the "outfit."

the groom is my best friend's son,
my best friend is an extravagant & beautiful woman.
she is also prone to hysteria, needs to have her hands on everything just to make certain it's perfect.

therefore, she depends on someone she trusts.
I need to be there in case the ball drops, you know?

she will undoubtedly wear some designer outfit certain for the spotlight.
it's not that she is thinking she wants to outshine everyone, it's just that she always does.

a dilemma for me, sometimes.
we will have a breakfast,
a bride's luncheon,
a rehearsal dinner,
overseeing the entire process of decorating the ballroom for the
reception, even though the professionals will all be there,
the wedding,
the reception.

OK, so that's 4 outfits, right?

what do you guys think of this for the rehearsal dinner or the reception?

it's in the city, very chi-chi or is it she-she, but not formal.

Pinned Image

the dress on the left is silk dragonflys,
the one on the right is silk organza




  1. Omg these dresses and accessories are equisite!! I need to go shopping now!

  2. I am in-love with the outfit on the left, that dress is so 50's!!!, adorable 100%. Dragonflies are fascinating :)

  3. Fantastic outfits both of them! Love the outfit on the right, beautiful combo with the red accessories!!! Good luck, A&F

  4. You'll look fantastic in either one!!!
    Rehearsal Dinner~ one on the left.
    Reception~ free to move about...one on the right.

    Have a sweet time.

    1. I'm with Deanna on this one. The peplum is so on-trend:).

  5. I'm loving the tea length number on the right for the reception...gorgeous!
    xoxo, Chris

  6. They are both gorgeous, but if I had to choose, I suggest the one on the right side. Why? Mainly because I love all of the accessories that you paired with it. Both dresses are great, but the shoes,bracelet, handbag, etc. that you put with it really push it over the top.


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