Monday, September 3, 2012

1 Year Anniversary of "By Invitation Only"

The women of "By Invitation Only" deserve big congratulations
for maintaining our posts for 1 YEAR now.
Last September was our 1st one, and I believe they get better with each installment.
We're back after the summer hiatus, and the topic this month is


a difficult topic, and each of us has been free to take off in our own direction,
one of the points of BIO which make it supremely interesting and fun.

When I finally sat down to do this installment (last night) the 1st thing coming to mind was

The 7-Year Itch,
the movie with Marilyn Monroe,
the film which spawned these world-famous photos,

 the premise of the movie is that Tom Ewell, the actor, was playing a part where
his wife went out of town and he was tempted by his beautiful neighbor, Marilyn...
he had been married 7 years.  

This leads one to ask:  Do we change every 7 years?
Do we re-cycle ourselves?

I know, for me, dramatic change happens with each traumatic experience, 
& it seems like it takes 7 years (or longer) to heal & move on.
So, I began asking this question of myself & of learned people, some of whom I actually know.

We have been taught that cells renew themselves every 7 years, give or take.

Along with this renewal could our own personalities change?

Most of us acknowledge that babyhood is one of the most intense times
of learning, of becoming a real person.

It is said that age 0-7 is one of the most important periods,
or cycles, of life.
The beginning of everything.

Suddenly, this became very interesting to my early years I had
thought I wanted to be an archaeologist because I loved finding out all the details.
Later, I thought I would have been a great detective.
Now, I just wanted to follow up on these cycles.

7-14 Years
The preceding physical changes prepare the growing personality for the next stage or cycle.
One develops a sense of right & wrong & social responsibility.
The sexual organs develop, the personality glides into the turbulent world of puberty and

14-21 Years
We become self-aware.
The emotional range expands in all directions, and perhaps a new appreciation
for music, art, literature and people begins. With puberty it has been found
the ability to distinguish subtler tones or color and sound develop.

21-28 Years
Here you find the process of enlargement & refinement.
The faculties of insight, judgement & understanding begin to come to the fore.
The personality softens & begins to mellow. The sparks of interest that were
awakened in the previous cycles begin to be developed along more definite line.
The abilities of the last cycle also flourish. The adult emotional age may begin to
emerge if one has successfully grown through the previous levels.
(operative words here:  MAY BEGIN)

28-35 Years
This cycle is one where the creative process of mind becomes most active. 
Researchers & inventors seem to make their greatest advances during these years.

35-42 Years
Depending on one's personality & what one's circumstances allow, one
begins to feel a new restlessness.  In some degree a desire to share whatever one has
gained through life with others comes to the surface.  What has been developed or 
realized can be taken to greater subtlety during this period. This is almost like
unfolding something, perhaps similar to the way a flower unfolds a bud that has been developing
in earlier phases of its growth. 

42-49 Years
A major change usually takes place. It is as if one takes all of one's life experience
up till this age and begins to digest it and extract from it new ideals and a new direction in
life. There is often tremendous unrest in this period and that following it. The unlived
aspects of life cry out to be recognized and allowed. The desire to make a mark in life
if it has not already been achieved presses for action at this time. 

49-56 Years
The physical changes bring about a mental or spiritual climax. 
The decline of physical prowess & vitality forces the person to direct their attention
inwards more frequently. Any problems of our personality, such as maladjustment
and our repressions, will undoubtedly become more urgent in these yars.
This reacts upon one's marriage and professional life alike. The problem is that we
have to learn to live with ourselves in a new way. We slowly have to adapt to our new-old
body, and habits of long-standing do not die easily. This is when we take an inventory
of our life. It's a time of spiritual questioning and review of our life purpose. If we haven't successfully understood who we are by this stage and achieved our goals, then depression, moodiness and turmoil will plague both our waking life and our dreams.

56-63 Years
This period is often a time of inner tranquility and acceptance.
At peace with oneself and more accepting of where we are and what we have achieved marks this period. But many things that were lying unlived within you might arise at this time, either as a form of unrest, or as directly living out those things that duty or work, or even self-restraints, kept you from doing or being.
Unusually your life situation begins to change in this stage. There is the start of a great shift and adjustment, both in terms of external activities, but also in how you deal with and feel about relationships. Part of the difficulty is that you have lived a long life as a younger person, and the old ways of dealing with things is often difficult to let go of as things change. The
opportunity to experiment more fully in life helps you to reassess yourself and what new way of relating and being suits you of is satisfying to you.

63-70 Years
Now we have deeper acceptance and understanding of the people in our life.
We appreciate the differences between us and our friends and look to the good rather than the bad in people. This is a period where our accumulated experience seeks new creative outlets.
A particularly noticeable process that occurs here is a conscious or unconscious sifting of
life experience and moving toward that is the essence and best of what one has been and learned
from the years and experiences.

70-77 Years
Of course, there are no fixed boundaries and so one may achieve this level of maturity at 
another period. But if the issues met in the previous cycle have been dealt with, then there is a new awareness of the subtle sides of life, and a changed relationship with those you love or come in contact with. There is a greater unconditional love and acceptance. By this is meant that awareness of the depth and subtleties of ones own self are known more fully. If you are a person who has a active inner life, it can happen that the huge harvest of gathered life experience that was sifted and synthesized into clearer and more streamlined, or simpler concepts and meanings, 
is now expressed in your life and dealings with others. You may not be as powerful and active in the outer world, but you are gaining strength and effectiveness on people's inner life if you are still healthy.

77-84 & onwards
During the 3 preceding periods a new self was developed. This emerged out of a summary and synthesis or all that you had lived. Perhaps, if you gave attention to your inner life, doorways of perception were opened through which you saw how your present life is a continuum of the long past, of ancestors and other influences. From this new self and widened perceptions you are acting and living in the world in a different way. The essence of the purpose, love and ideas you lived by is given new expression and meaning.

Most of us have passed through many of these cycles by now, and we are awaiting
the arrival of each of the next.  I must say all of this seems so true; to each individual the cycles are so much the same aren't they?  I look back and realize about my own life, and then the lives of my 2 adult children how much of this is true.  Of course, the times may vary a bit, but generally somewhere close to the 7 years.

Being totally philosophical isn't new with me.
I miss having the deep conversations I had with my 1st husband.
He had the most brilliant imagination and had concepts I had never heard before.
All of my experiences have led me to where I am today.
An off-the-wall, esoteric, creative, witty, wise, experienced woman
who still loves the world and all the creatures in it.
Blind to bad, believing always in the goodness of human kind...
I couldn't live any other way.

What about you?
Was this interesting?
Or were you bored bored bored?

Please join each of our other members over at their blog sites to
see what they have to say about "cycles."
I'm going over right now.

Simone @ Bottom of the Ironing Basket
will become our newest member with our October posting.
I have waited for Simone for a year, and happily welcome her to
our wonderful world at BIO.

Debra @ Dustjacket Attic will be on hiatus until further notice
we are sad to say, but we know she will be here with us in spirit.

Otherwise, we are the same group you know & love.

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for those of you who wish to read more about the cycles I described you may go HERE


carolyn bradford said...

As usual, you bring new life and new love and new meaning to the world of blogging! I can't wait to read all of your posts in this incredible group of bloggers!
I must say this was my favorite of your posts…even if I'm left a bit depressed! LOL! I hate reading my age in format! But especially when it comes to putting me in an age group! Even tho I know I"m there…I will never feel like it..atleast not for now! Much love and many thanks for your incredible posts!

LaPouyette said...

Brilliant philosophical life-cycle post, dear Marsha! What else can I say!

We all have to thank you for creating this monthly blog event which gave - and still give - us the chance to open our minds for each other.

Happy further 'cycling'!

P.S. I'm just about on the way to re-cycle myself :)....:)

Catherine Robinson said...

I was not bored, bored, bored, Marsha...fabulous post...I felt I was reading an article in a magazine...I can relate to every chapter I have lived and especially the 49-56 age, where I am certainly resonates with me!
Beautifully put together and a post I will KEEP, thank you.
Great to be back ;-)

Ann said...

That is a very interesting take on cycles...
They say that our lives change dramatically every 12 years. But I do believe that the first seven years of a person's life forms his personality the most, the formative years.
What a nice post to read.

vicki archer said...

Great post Marsha... such an interesting read about our progress through the ages... I did make it by the way!... xv

Lost in Provence said...

Hello Marsha and thank you for this wonderful walk through life! I am so thrilled that you asked me to be a part of such esteemed company and will look forward to their take on this challenging theme...
Bisous from Provence,

Henhurst Interiors said...

Hi Marsha, I think this is a fascinating post. I can definitely relate to the 7 year theory and certainly my forties have been an interesting time. (I will be 44 in November.)
Thanks for some food for thought.

Anonymous said...

I fall between the 42-49 category and I would say this is dead on!! Congrats on your blog anniversary! xo

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

First of all Marsha, many congratulations on our first year of BIO.......did you think that we would all still be here after a year ?!!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed doing these posts and, of course, reading everyone elses and their take on the subjects. Here's to many more years of BIO.
.....and, your post on 'cycles' is wonderful and a great read. I'm afraid that I am quite a long way down the lists of your cycle of life but have really enjoyed the ride far ! I've got at least to the age of 120 to go !! XXXX

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Marsha, I loved every insightful and have experienced the joys, pain and truth of several of these cycles...The cycles of your life has transformed you into an amazing, warm and wonderful woman, that I am so happy to call my friend.

I had a bit of a problem with Mr. Linky again. My thumbnail doesn't want to appear. Maybe it just takes time. I will check back later.

quintessence said...

While I'm sad I too am on hiatus from the group, I love seeing what so many of you are contributing! Love your breakdown. It's true, each phase of life offers an opportunity to live life more fully with perhaps a new perspective. My mother lived until she was 90 and was still full of life, of creative energy, interested in all around her. I will be thrilled to have even a bit of her grace and gusto as I enter each new decade!

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Dear Marsha, than you for this lovely thoughtful post, and for all the energy you put into BIO. So sorry I had to miss this month, in October I'll be here for sure


Splenderosa said...

Carolyn, I think I am 27, which btw was a very good year !!

Splenderosa said...

I call it "Up-Cycle"

Splenderosa said...

I'm coming right over to read your's as well. And, thank you for this splendid comment. Really deep subject I got into so I am happy you enjoyed.

Dale JaneƩ said...

Wow, I'm totally saving this post because I feel like I'll need to re-read it through every stage, this was so interesting to read and learn more about what goes on in our lives and minds during our lives. Thanks for sharing and I will talk to you soon Marsha :)


Francine Gardner said...

My computer ate my previous long winded comment.... you touched so many sensitive points and gave me hope...Is there tranquility and acceptance ahead? I feel so restless, unnerved, but at least accept myself and my wants of more from life, my wants to grasp everyday and live it fully... just booked another flight to wants to see and feel the world... Your post was incredibly poignant and i thank you for it.

Splenderosa said...

Heather, you are a bright brilliant jewel in our crown. We needed you so much.

Splenderosa said...

Phyllis, thank you for these lovely words, and I'm going to start celebrating your birthday in advance. xx's

Splenderosa said...

Oh, yes, I knew this would be a huge success, J. Everyone tells me how much they enjoy our blog party each month.

Splenderosa said...

I'll fix Mr. Linky for you.

Splenderosa said...

I think you have grace & gusto, Stacey, as well as charm, beauty & intellect.

Splenderosa said...

What lovely words, Dale. Thank you so much.

Splenderosa said...

Francine, you have brought me to the brink of tears with these insightful words.

Privet and Holly said...

Loved this beautiful post.
Yes, beautiful, because
each and every stage of
life has its own beauty,
if we truly continue to
grow and not sideline
ourselves due to age.
We can't turn back the
clock, but we can control
how we embrace this
wonderful gift that we
were given: life.

Happy Wednesday,
xo Suzanne

Privet and Holly said...

PS: I tried Yvonne's link,
but it brought me right
back to your page....

A Well Styled Life said...

I loved this post, it was beautifully written and seems so perfectly timed for me. At 56, the inner tranquility and acceptance is becoming my new mantra. I was not bored, bored, bored in the least...but I might have been if I was 30 years younger!
I'm unfamiliar with the context of your "Bio?"posting but glad to have found your blog.

Splenderosa said...

Yvonne's blog is:

Splenderosa said...

Thank you for this lovely comment. I should remember to post a little explanation about "By Invitation Only" on each of our posts. Basically, one year ago I invited well-known bloggers from around the world to join me 1X a month for an international blog post, the 1st Tuesday of each month. I cannot believe almost all of them accepted, and since then the original members may invite another blogger into the group from time to time. I so appreciate your asking.

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi darling,

Beautiful post with so much reflection and thought put into it.
I have read it several times now. Thank you.

xox Charlotta

LENE said...

Dear Marsha

It was very interesting to read about the cycle through every 7th year. You get more understanding of things then.
Here in Norway we have a rather large and beautiful statue of Marilyn Monroe in the town of Haugesund. The reason is that she was half Norwegian, her father came from Haugesund and she also visited the city.
Thanks for the kind words your on my side! You are so good at saying things that warms the heart.
Wishing you a lovely day!

Love from Lene

VM Creation Atelier said...

Hi,my dear friend Marsha!

You did a VERY good job with this groupe,congratulations from the bottom of my heart,I mean it:-)))*

It`s just unbelievebly intresting item here............

I road yearstaday night very long your post with all comments about it and I can say only: FANTASTIC that all womans want share here about the grouwing and learning!!!

I LIKE this post so very much,Marsha!

What about me?....................

Instructive and very dificult periode in my life was 12 years ago,when I decided to go to Netherland.

I must leave ALL what I LOVE in Russia................and then going to decover mythelf and to try develop my own creativity in a totally another world for me:-)*

And I must say,that's a very deep and immensly intresting way,way to myself!

I think,if I want whenever go to whrite my should be very long,but sure NOT BORING story!

Thank you milloin times for these bizzare post,


dustjacket said...

I really loved this Marsha...have to read it again!

Designs By Pinky said...

This was a wonderful post and I will save it to coe back to again. It is facinating to read about the cycles of life. I truly belive that what we endure makes us who we are, and I hope, better for it. I for one have been through alot of personal things fro a very erly age but feel it has made me ALOT stronger, wiser and positive. My sister on the other hnd is a bit bitter about her experiences. Thanks for this wonderful post, Marsha. XO, Pinky