Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2 Viewpoints

European and American,
our fashion takes
from both sides of the ocean.


(via Beautiful Hair)
Violetta of VM Creation Atelier,
who you will find here,
& I take a look at Fall fashions, 
including accessories, and talk about how an American girl
would wear something and how her counterpart in Europe would dress.
Kinda fun isn't it?

Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2012
wonderful color combinations, 
I'm really loving the tones of aubergines & navies livened up
with red and lime greens...
love the casualness of this look, so completely American,
imagine a little turtleneck under the blazer too...
adore the pegged leg of the pant.

& I think a high-heeled strappy sandal would be pretty with the red top.

Alexander Wang - Nikola Strappy Suede Pumps

  long chains layered on...
this Alexander McQueen bag from Sak's 5th Avenue
seems perfect to me, not that furry thing on the model.
Alexander McQueen - De-Manta Top Handle Bag
add this leather coat, this turtleneck, these glasses
& a great pair of sleek flat-heeled boots,
you've got an oh-so-totally-American look.
egads, this is getting so serious...

I'll show you what we wear in Texas



Cover Page
well, not these hideous horrible shoes...


Peter Som Spring 2013 collection
New York Fashion Week

Last nod to summer. Tommy Hilfiger has never looked so good. Want to see more from Rameet Chawla’s closet?
this is what we DO NOT WEAR in Texas,
even the gayest of our gay guys dress well.


Front at mark Jacobs Ms Wintour #NYFW
 2 phones, well, you know she's so busy...

Daily Crush:
Christian Louboutin Lady Lynch Wedges (our 2nd order after launch)
& I think these rock !!

& this exemplifies American dressing,
from Donna Karan,
the spare leather top paired with the designer's signature draping skirt,
fabulous tone-on-tone handbag and shoes.

or this casually elegant ensemble with layers of dangling necklaces,
just so beautiful, the longer fuller leg pant, loafers...comfortable, can go anywhere.

please visit Violetta, I feel certain her creativity and fashion savvy will come
shining through...



Henhurst Interiors said...

Hi Marsha, a fun (and funny!) post. I really admire Anna Wintor's style because although she has access to everything, she only wears what suits her and she looks great - stylish and appropriate at all times.

carolyn bradford said...

Loved this post, Marsha! I'm beginning to lean towards Diane Von Furstenburg for the first time in my life…wearing a beautiful dress of hers Saturday in fact to a wonderful wedding! Can't wait! Fun post for sure and I will check out the other site. Have a great rest of your week!

Catherine Robinson said...

Oh Marsha...that last outfit...has my name on it ;-)
Interesting post you're both doing...I'll pop across to Violetta.
By the way I agree with you about those hideous shoes!!

VM Creation Atelier said...

Hi,my dear Marsha:-)))*

What a great choices do you made.................!!!

Like Donna Karan look here so much and indeed,that ruby coat has stolen my heart,I think that here in Europa absolutely much fashionista's want to be very happy to be able ware them!

Your beautiful jeweleries are fantastic coming by here:-)* Like these earrings!

And,you know I'am so glad we maked these post together,because just now I undrstand that points of view from America and Europa not so very big different!
May be it's only my thoughts and ideas about it,but I see it so:-)*

My warm hugs to you,
***Violetta*** said...

Gorgeous choices! On a more serious note, "egads"? You just sent me into a tizzy laughing. I love that word; I's so glad not everyone has retired it.

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

The red topped pic is hiding some gorgeous gloves. Last outfit is my fave Marsha primarily for the jewellery choice with that ivory shirt!

Splenderosa said...

Paul, I consider you one of the foremost arbiters of good taste, elegance & styling.
And, I love those draping necklaces too. Love you !!

Splenderosa said...

Forgot about the gloves !!!

VM Creation Atelier said...

I LOVE your edditions here,Marsha;-)*

Totally fantastic hot orange-brown long dress and the first one image with two models(2 points).................!!!

Sending my sunshine minds to you,


cindy hattersley design said...


This post has me howling with laughter! I love that Donna Karan number...