Friday, September 7, 2012

Don't Know if You Saw This....

it is so worth seeing...
beautiful cover shot of Penelope Cruz,
the black & THAT necklace?
WOW !!

penelope cruz cover story

W Magazine has become an almost impossible magazine to actually view as a
"fashion" magazine, they take everything to the extreme extreme, shooting
editorial layouts, while creative, are so difficult to actually follow.

Do you read "W" ?
And, what do you think?



Designs By Pinky said...

I don't read W, I have cut way bac on magazines. I jut don't have time with everything else. I LOVE "statement" necklaces. Being short though, this one would be way too much on me:)

bv said...

outfits, header and necklace rock! i look to your blog for pure beauty...and fab design. you are a lovely lady and i hope things are going smoothly!

Nuit Hernandez said...

love W!!! and yes, this shot is unreal. Necklace to die. xoxoxo


I love decorating magazines, like Architectural Digest, House & Garden, Victoria, and many, many more! Although I'm slim, I use very trendy cloths that go with my age; I really don't look at fashion mags, the fashion is so strange, ugly and sometimes so nude, that really, I don't care for. Now Penelope Cruz looks gorgeous in anything, but than again, she's a movie star!! Thanks for sharing.

Victoria said...

When I worked in NYC, I read "W" regularly. It no longer fits my retirement lifestyle. I love your new header, by the way.
XO, Victoria

A Well Styled Life said...

I used to read W but no longer. I read very few fashion magazines these days, hardly any. This is a beautiful shot. And of course the necklace is stunning, but anything would be on gorgeous Penelope! Have a beautiful weekend.

La Petite Gallery said...

I havent been near a W in a long time STYLE is not much in Maine. Nice post.