Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Alexander McQueen or Not ?

Alexander McQueen Knuckle-Clasp Clutch Bag
small version
$ 2195.

Goodness, I do need your help & advice on this one.

We have an opportunity to purchase a knock-off version of
the larger clutch, about 7" X 5" ...
they are lovely to look at and are of splendid quality.

  It would retail on my shop for about $150.00.

Would you buy it or not ?

And, the reason?

I know, I know...everything in fashion is a copy of something that came before.

I'm having trouble coming to a decision on this one though.




Ninja said...

I like design, but I´m not a fashiongirl....
However, I saw classy things here....

Fashion-isha said...

OH YES! I saw someone with the real deal and it was heavenly!

A Well Styled Life said...

I wouldn't buy it because I'm a fan of my own beautiful rings. Plus it seems as though it would be awkward to use. When I hold a clutch, my fingers are in the bottom of the bag, not the top. Looks a bit like the old "brass knuckles"
Have a beautiful day!

carolyn bradford said...

You know I bought several pieces of "clutches" from my best friend and she is showing in my Open House for my artists next week…I've only sold one so far…people love them…but the price point keeps them from buying…just for what it's worth! These are beautiful, though and if you believe in them then I would go for it..which is what I finally had to decide! My friends and family might be getting a lot of leather "clothes" for Christmas this year!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I'm not a bling kinda gal, Marsha, and it looks too much like a skull to entice me if I did like bling. Is it supposed to be a skull or am I seeing crazy?

therelishedroost said...

I actually bought a knock off version of this bag for my teenage daughter who loved it.. I think it really appeals to the younger generation, its edgy and glam at the same time.
tough decision, good luck!

Casa Très Chic said...

Marsha, I wouldn't buy for two reasons:
1 - I love my rings
2 - I hate skulls
I see skulls everywhere, even in tableware.
I went to a cocktail party, they were serving sweets shaped as skulls, can you believe?
Sorry, I'm an old fashion girl.
Have a nice Thursday!

Mrs A said...

Hi Marsha are you asking about the ethical reasons? I personally would not buy a knock off
as its illegal in our country, I would think it is in the usa as well. I would rather save and buy the real thing, knowing it has been made with regulations of the workplace (one would hope) and not in a sweat shop in china!

Splenderosa said...

Line-for-Line copies are illegal everywhere. However, a slight deviation is legal.
One cannot copyright something which is not cast in metal. Using a designer's logo is illegal, but inspirational things are around by the millions. Notice all the skulls abounding? I'm not going to buy this bag because I wouldn't carry it. Nuff said.

martinealison said...

Je ne pense pas que je serais à l'aise avec une bague où un crâne apparaît... même avec des diamants pour yeux!
Gros bisous

Anonymous said...

Everything we see today is a "copy" of something! Perhaps from Pompeii?

As long as it is not a " " anything that is "inspired" by a great design is totally fine! That is the definition of "civilization"!

Using fake stamps and fake trademark things......(they take them away from yyou at airports......and they should!

I think the completely "fake" things with the stamps should be outlawed.
However; an educated person can tell. (just so you genuine Hermes bag (or anything else they make) will EVER have a plastic zipper! Big fat clue for "fake"!

Never ever. (so sorry to disappoint some of you who thought you "scored" with these Chanel bags made by the same factories")

You did not "score"; and just leave them at home when you trade abroad! (Custom's agents will confiscate them at the airportQ)

I have witnessed this 5 times!

so if you buy a "5,000 dollar bag for 1,000.00 and think you are so lucky....the signage is on there)

Your purse will be confiscated,,,,it is a "counterfeit"; and end of story! So you now have no purse; you have spent all that money....and you are a "list" for the rest of your life!
Any plane you go anywhere....

You will be a suspect!

Greaat Post!


This has happened to three people I know!


Brenda said...

I don't know if this would influence your decision (and I do love a skull) but all the cheap shops in Oz are stocking these in every colour imagineable although we do live on Asia's doorstep the home of the knock-off.

La Petite Gallery said...

Hey Marsha, it is striking looking, kinda looks like a fancy set of brass knuckles. It could save your life maybe. Bet a top money Lady wrestler would buy it. Remember everyone has different taste. Only kidding.
It is very pretty. I love the Cuff at left of header.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning, Marsha!

This is a wonderful look and honestly, I am finding that if I HAD MONEY and if more people had money, they would by anything that is this beautiful. Oh the SPARKLE! It is hard to decide to go with PURE GORGEOUS or things that people "need." That is the advice I have been getting but it is so hard to let go of the sheer whim of offering elegantly made items. I DON"T KNOW what to say other than it is stunning and I guess you have to have just the right buyer come by!

Thank you again for your post the other day; I got a sale out of it and met a very lovely lady out of it! Anita

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I little much for me, but very beautiful!
Happy Thursday.

cindy hattersley design said...

I agree with your decision Marsha. I think it would appeal to younger gals who go for more edgy things. You know your market best.

Francine Gardner said...

i have a real problem with copies as I believe creativity is the chore of design. However to be inspired by a beautiful object, dress or clutch as this amazing one , and wanting a similar look is a tribute to the original design. I had seen this clutch, but i am not into skulls at all and find it very impractical.