Monday, October 29, 2012



WHAT are they trying so hard to cover-up?

Any one of us can find information online about this
tragedy, but we won't find it on the mainstream media
TV shows.  Why?  I really don't know, except it could
change the way people view our current president.

The simple fact that the 
President of the United States of America
& the
Secretary of State of the United States
paid for an ad on Arabic TV stating how
dreadful the "film" made by someone
in Los Angeles was, and apologizing to them if it
insulted or offended anyone, 
is complete utter nonsense.

Statesmen do not do this.

Panderers do this.
Naive people might do this.

As an American who has lived in the Middle East, and
travelled far & wide all of my life, I am insulted
by the lack of understanding our president has of
the world and it's people, and I am furious that his
advisors would advise him to do this belittling thing.

Belittling to us, the American people, who are the
most generous, accepting, understanding and
accommodating people on Earth.

But, mostly I am afraid of the coming election.

Master of the Universe, can you hear me?

ANYONE can be a better leader than the leader we have.

He had no experience when elected.
He doesn't lead.
He doesn't make decisions.
He pontificates.

The way I think right now is that about 1/2 of my readers
will disagree with me, and the other 1/2 will agree.

Is this the way our country should be divided?
Approximately 1/2 of us are NOT represented at any
given time?

 Please think carefully when you vote.
Our country will depend upon it.

 Hope & Change?
Yes, I'm hoping for a BIG change.

following is an email I received about this post:
How disappointing it is and baffling to read your comments about the "current president".   Which, by the way you haven't the courage to name him, I assume because you want to make sales.

I don't know how to access this President since the Republicans, and you, I guess, immediately said NO from the beginning.  How much further along would this country be if they had been more concerned about their own districts than defeating a black man?  As in the case of divorce proceedings, a judge will say to the parents, you must love your children more than you hate your spouse.

I am a retired teacher, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother.  The world is changing, our country is changing, the white population is lessening and we must adapt.  By the way, I come from a Republican family; my father ran for sheriff in the mid-fifties as a Republican.  That party is gone; replaced by one filled not with logic but with hate.

I feel sorry for you.  And all the others who feel the same way as you.  By the way, I assume you go to church on Sunday?  But not apply God's principles on Monday?


Patricia Nixon

my takeaway on the Benghazi incident has been that our country abandoned
the very people we sent to that station to do the work of the USA.

4 American died at the hands of terrorists,
they died over hours of continued battle.

no help came, no help was sent.

those brave former Navy seals gave their own lives saving lives of others.

I have been in tears every single time I see the images, and can only
imagine the agony of their families.

May God hold them gently in His arms for eternity.




Becky said...

Completely agree!

Entertaining Women said...

Well said. Dear Lord, it is frightening to think what subject that woman must have taught. Cherry Kay

Mary Thompson said...

Thank you. I am proud to be an American. I have never seen a country so divided and it is time to appreciate our wonderful county and not tear it down as our current leaders have in the past three years.

Mary Thompson said...
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Mary Anne Komar said...

Thanks for sharing your feelings, and I support you and agree. If one disagrees with the President then one is called racist. There has been a huge chasm created of hatred and fear in the last 4 years. My daughter who was born in Russia 19 years ago, and here 10 years got to vote this last week. She was thrilled to do so. She is astonished about the celebratising of public servants that's goes on. "when are rock stars more intelligent than regular people?" Any way God bless America!

linda said...

I agree with you 100&-Pat Nixon shame on you for your comment-more nasty from the left. Shame on you Mr. obama for watching our 4 brave Americans die when they were almost begging for help-you watched then went to Vegas and California for fund raisers-I pray for Mitt to become our next President. Thank you for being so brave to comment on your blog-you are a true brave American! Linda

linda said...

I agree with you 100&-It truly is frightening what has happened in 4 short years-Every time I think of our 4 brave Americans being murdered and raped I get so angry-they almost begged for help and received none-Shame on you President obama-shame on you-I pray for Mitt Romney to be our next president,but fear the tactics of the left-and shame on Pat Nixon -more hate from the left. Linda

'LUSH' said...

Read the email in response to your post........everytime "color" is mentioned, I question who is actually focusing on color, why does "color" keep being the focus?

Anonymous said...


I have never commented before, but agree with everything you said. It breaks my heart to watch the families of those who lost loved ones being interviewed on tv, they are so brave to speak out. The fact that they waited for help and it never arrived is so disturbing.
I plan to vote today and am hoping for change!

Have enjoyed reading you blog, I am a fellow Houstonian.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your stance and for your courage to say this. I want to respond to the grandmother whose father ran for sherriff in the 50s....when you said, "By the way, I assume you go to church on Sunday? But not apply God's principles on Monday?" I'm truly curious how is what Spenderosa said unchristian or un godly? Truly I am baffeled by that statement. I understand if you vote Democrat and therefore feel the need to defend President Obama, but HOW is her above statement un-christian? Not trying to start an arguement but trying to see your point of view.

michelle said...

Very well said...I pray for the future of this country daily, we certainly need it.

Tracy F. said...

I agree with you 100%. God help our country.

Rita said...

I have read your post this morning and decided to also comment. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I feel that we have truely become more divided than ever, I think that the lies are becoming so easy, I also think that if just ONE or two would stand up and stop the lying we as Americans would admire that person. Hilary comes to mind. I think watching her follow Our President out to the Rose Garden made me think she has been lied to so much by someone and allowed it, that made lying easy. Now she is one of the liars. It has been happening for a long time. If all that run for any office would accept that they are all one of us. Have the same Health Care,no perks go do the job that the American People are paying you to do, the same as each of us, we might see a different country. United we will all help each other, Leadership is not easy, but I feel that our current President is NOT a leader nor any people around him. They did not have the skills or use them to help this country and I think we need leadership more than ever!!!!
Thank you Marsha for a taking the time and courage to put this out there. This country is so precious.

M77355 said...

I completely agree with you and am so impressed that you speak up. I do not believe that Obama has had the best intent for America's present and future. There are much greater global issues and forces at work in his decisions. If one will take the time to research, it's staggering. Thank you, Marsha, for being a voice cutting through the disinformation.

Janie said...

Thank you for having the guts to speak your mind when it seems like anyone who disagrees with the 'left' gets bullied for their right to free speech. I am tired of this being about a 'black' president and people admitting that they voted for him because of his race. Why can't people vote for someone because of his character,ideals, and proven record and not the color of his/her skin? He tried but, unfortunately for all of us, his ideas did not work. We are in a far worse off situation than when he took over the office.

Kathryn in Canada said...

I live in Canada, and watch in horror as Rome burns. Have you forgotton so quickly the lives lost and the lies that were told to you as an excuse to wage an uncalled for war in Iraq? They were not responsible for 9/11, or anything else they were accused of. The general population of the U.S. has been so brainwashed, and systematically uneducated and afraid, that you seem to have lost the ability to understand the reality of your country. Unfortunetly I will no longer be visiting your otherwise enjoyable blog, now that you are using it for a right wing rant. So sorry for all your citizens, and the rest of the world that cares for, and is affected by the U.S.A, if you vote in another Republican.

Splenderosa said...

Dear Kathryn,

I knew, as I said in the blog post, that I would offend many people. I knew many people would disagree with me.

But as my blog is an expression of who I am this particular issue warranted my commentary.

I didn't realize it was a rant. It is an impassioned post asking "why?"

It wouldn't matter who was president, if the Benghazi incident had happened as it did, I would shout from the rooftops my outrage.

This is not about being Republican or Democrat, black or white. This is about the absolute failure of leadership. Both parties can be experts at this trait, don't you think?

I believe you would like me, I'm a Texan with lots of personality, education, business saavy and a huge social life, as well as a woman who supports every worthy cause around. I've raised 2 children, they are doing very well. My experiences, education, and thoughtfulness has brought me to my own conclusions, it has nothing to do with left, right, Republican or Democrat. This has to do with stranding American citizens in a dangerous place and hanging them out to dry when it wasn't convenient to exercise leadership and statesmanship to protect them.

I am so sorry you feel the way you do about our country. And, I am sorry our country has suffered so badly at the hands of a president who is incapable of leadership.

Splenderosa said...

I love your blog, and your products.
But, more than than, I love your patriotism, and your understanding of The Constitution, and the foundations of our beloved country. It takes guts, emotion, and commitment to write the heartfelt and fact-based post about Benghazigate. Ms. Nixon, who commented, is very typical of radical liberalism today: it is floundering, so it plays the race card. I am fairly certain that you, like I, would vote for someone with pink and orange polka dotted skin, if that person were true to the solid principles of our country.
Let's continue to pray for the families of the four Americans who were murdered, on American soil, by terrorists bent on a Califate with no personal freedoms. Barack Obama has yet to fathom that.
Linda Klinger
loyal reader, Houston, Texas

Katie said...

I'm making a change. I'm not following your blog anymore. I followed you for pretty things, not to have your political views pressed upon anyone. Find your sector and stay there. Also, patriotism includes supporting the current leaders you have. Yes, someone else may be elected, but it is our job as citizens to lift up our leaders and pray for them and their decisions. Trust me, that's exactly what I did for eight years with President Bush. I didn't love him, but I respected him and would never rant such as above. Moderation is key through all aspects of life and calling someone a radical seems ironic, as that's what you sound like. Radically conservative. Enjoy.

Splenderosa said...

I didn't call anyone radical. Maybe you should read some of the other comments.

Of course, I'm sorry you won't follow. Moderation of all comments has been made, even emails to me directly.

I, personally, would deride ANY leader, no matter who it was, black/white liberal/conservative, Repub/Dem, IF they proved to be unworth of our confidence and trust.

I respect the office of the President of the United States very much. I just happen to think we elected the wrong man for this arduous and difficult task. People rise to the level of their own experience. That is exactly what we are seeing with President Obama...he had NO experience to be president. What he had was a lot of money behind him and he made really good speeches.

My blog is a reflection of me as a person. Yes, I love fashion, fine art, travel, my kids, my friends, my home, and fine dining...but I also love my country to speak out (as our Constitution provides) when I see something so far removed from honorable and responsible.


Dash said...

Marsha, whilst I don't agree with everything you say in your post I admire you for your courage for standing up for what you believe in and putting your head above the parapet! A very brave thing to do on your blog!

Freedom of thought and speech is something that we value dearly in the west. Re some of your other commentators we should be able to debate things without resorting to personal insults!

Unfortunately Romney has blotted his copybook with a few gaffs whilst on tour in Europe and the Middle East in the Summer, I suspect most of Europe is rooting for Obama, especially in light of The Bush administration which was not too popular over here.

The world will be watching the unfolding drama that is American politics, all I can say is may the best man win.



the sound you hear is my applause for you and your comments. Well said thou great and devoted patriot. Bravo!

pegnek said...

I am giving you a standing ovation right now! You speak the truth while others choose to bury their heads in the sand!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Marsha!

I am not going to comment because I unfortunately, do not have the knowledge or vocabulary to discuss this. While I have my own opinions about the world and our leaders, I often stay away from discussions for which I cannot offer a sound conversation. You are a well-informed woman, smart, and experienced and I trust that your stand is a valid point of view....we all have our perspectives and that I respect!

I so hope to talk to you soon....before FRIDAY when I go to my first retailer in town.

Blessings dear Marsha! Anita

La Petite Gallery said...

Marsha, Not everything you read on the internet is true. If he said he was sorry about a nut case who made a distastefull film. It was maybe to keep the peace. The Middle east is a boiling
pot. They explode for anything. These people
have been causing wars forever. They are never happy. This was a planed attack, and no one of us expected it. Think about the Nut cases with a bomb>>>

Janet said...

Amen and may our gracious God answer our prayers.

zanetastyle said...

Hello Marsha,
Most of the blogging world is always about positive and uplifting things, few of us mix it with the reality and opinions regarding politics or religion...
But for me it is about tolerance and kindness and truth...and I like what you said, as I lived in Tarabulus, Libya and visited is a crazy sick world down there, with no respect for women or life and I begged my parents at the age of 11 not to make me go the second year, that they had to live there and work, as during comunism they were sent there to work....unfortunately.
I am sad for those embassy workers who died there and the fact that there was an appology made by the President after such an act is just surprising to say the least. I am not an American, but I am human and I see this as the wrong move by Obama.
Thanks for voicing it out loud.
hugs Z

The-Countrypolitan said...

Dear Marsha,

You have spoken so eloquently. I think you know that I am in full agreement with you on this subject. I quite frankly don't understand how so many seemingly intelligent people are not capable of connecting the dots. What the left doesn't understand is that the reason we didn't support the president and want him to succeed is because his ideology and policies are so destructive to our country...!

Never in all my life have I seen a president stoop so low with his constant lies and deceit. He has total disdain and disregard for the constitution and the American military. I hate to think where we will be if he gets another four years.

God bless our country and may the destructive powers be overcome in our next election.


Splenderosa said...

Anita, I so fully support you and your creative genius !!!

Splenderosa said...

This is so enlightening to read, and I thank you so so much for taking the time to comment.

Splenderosa said...

Yvonne, I meant reading the articles in other country's newspapers about the incident on the internet.

zanetastyle said...

Oh my goodness, Katie, you seem so very volatile and seems that you can't deal with other people's opinions and I so don't see a reason, that Marsha should be only writing about pretty things, that is my poin exactly, it seems that people are affraid to voice their inner minds as they could loose popularity of their blogs! I am very proud of Marsha for not being affraid and being a voice behind the country. She is a citizen as you are Katie and both of you can differ in opinion.
I am sure that the families of the murdered people are not behind your opinion Katie, neither behind Obama's.

Travel to Libya, and then let me know how you liked it there Katie, but please bring a lot of protection... even then you may not come back! I am not sure what it is there...seriously, I would like to find out...people would not believe what I experienced there in 1 year of life. I was 11 and what I saw was everyone's nightmare. Kids never played normal on the street, we were affraid of them for either stoning us with large stones or using their knives to hurt somebody. They occupied themselves by either drowning donkeys or worse things they did with donkeys which I am embarrased to mention here, old men married little girls of 10 to 15 years old as they purchase them from their parents like goods. I could go on and on but it is hell on earth for me there and I would be very terrified to ever go there. I am writing this, because I believe that average person has no idea what goes on in that country...that is why also middle east is a melting pot constantly.
Anyways, I am not a president, I don't know what is best to do, but what Obama did, won't do any good.
I wish and believe that things will change in this world sooner rather than later.
love to everyone and especially to everyone like Marsha who are not affraid!

zanetastyle said...

Europeans (myself one of them) are not all the same, I wish Bush was back in business((:
And look at Europe now, the socialism is not taking them places, they are doing badly and so we all need to smarten up and not make past mistakes...(socialism of eastern Europe leading to no our example) ... I do think that America should show Europe strength and Obama is not doing it...and also, I wish that religion was out of politics in US, which really still is not....
Focus on the right things is importatn...
big hug to you in USA from Canada...and Europe , ciao Z

zanetastyle said...

I am sorry Marsha, I can't believe what I read on the replies on your blog, I am from Canada and unlike (i have 2 citizenships, Czech also) and unlike Kathryn, we in Calgary and Alberta are more right wing and so she is not representing all of Canada's view luckily ((:
It is not as simple as that.... we certainly don't think of America as being brainwashed...I promise, this is my last reply to some comments, that say they won't read your blog because you are of a certain political views, ...seriously?
hugs Z

Susan said...

Thank you for articulating so truthfully our sad state of affairs in the Middle East and around the globe. My husband and I volunteer our time and resources with wounded warriors experiencing PTSD's, TBI's and maiming from serving our country and our allies. Yes, Americans are the most generous and tolerant people in the world. We were in Belgium this summer with R2R, (wounded warriors, professional riders and volunteers) riding bicycles following the Battle of the Bulge of WW11. We were warmly and lovingly received by the Belgium people. Town dignitaries hosted us for dinners and celebrations thanking us for our service and friendship, school children lined up on our routes flying the American Flag, blowing kisses, wanting to touch us. We heard countless stories of the occupation of Belgium by Nazi Germany and of Americans liberating them and saving their country and culture. I am proud to be an American and strongly believe we need to elect a president that will return the favor. Regards, Susan

Maryanne White said...

Bravo, and well stated. Thank you for saying what most are fearful of admitting. And to Ms. Nixon, I thank God you are retired your statement with reference to God and his principals was tactless and well as judgemental.

A mother of an American soldier serving in Afghanistan.

Splenderosa said...

I have responded to every single comment, either via personal email or here on the blog post. Each and every comment deserved to be answered I think. I am grateful for all the support I received on this subject and pray we may eventually (post election) learn what actually happened. For now I believe we cannot trust anyone in the current administration, all of their jobs are at stake. Thank you, ladies, my darling friends.

Anonymous said...


While I may not concur with your assessment of this situation, I firmly and adamantly support your right and responsibility to think for yourself and speak your truth to others. That is the cornerstone of a free society. It is extremely concerning to me to know that some many resort to name calling and other very vindictive and mindless methods to keep critical thinking down.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

May I suggest to those who voted for Obama in '08 because they wanted to prove they aren't racist, please don't vote for him in '12 to prove you're not stupid. Harsh? Yes, but what would you call a President and his minions who allowed Chris Stevens to be sodomized, beaten and dragged thru the streets? Yes, the President and his ilk did know...they had communications before, DURING and after the event; H. Clinton cozied up to the offenders by throwing them a dinner party. She and O. are unfit to serve...if that word can even be used for "self-serving" types!
Tell the truth, Marsha, keep telling the truth!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

I wonder how all that have criticized you would feel about Mr Obama having Tom Hanks and Katheryn Bigelow summoned to The White House to discuss the details of Bin Laden's death for his Hollywood "spike the football" movie? Perhaps Mr Obama doesn't see the harm in releasing the film "Zero Dark Thirty"...just in time for Christmas.

As far as I am concerned the media is messing with our national security with it's part in the cover up.

I am your newest follower! You are at courage "plus one". I am a Pacific Northwest red girl in a blue state.

My heart rests with yours tonight and all day tomorrow.