Monday, November 5, 2012

"By Invitation Only" November 2012 Post

International Blog Party

Little did I know when we planned on posting the 1st Tuesday of each month that eventually we
would end up on Election Day in the USA.
Perhaps this is a lovely diversion from the non-stop political coverage, and after tonight
the entire world will know who our next president will be.

Our topic for November is one of sharing, which we all thought was appropriate with our
Thanksgiving coming at the end of this month, and Christmas holidays fast approaching.
Sharing.  I think this is what my circle of blog friends is all about.  
I love laughing over a simple thing with them, crying over their sadnesses, and finding joy in the
smallest little DIY project or the birth of a new baby in their families.

Today we are going to share with you blogs which you may not know about...yet.
Women who have enchanted us, absorbed us and interested us.
Women we think you should meet too.



artist deborah bigeleisen
painting by deborah bigeleisen

the above images capture the essence of Eleanora as I see her


soft and feminine, an interior designer in Rome, Italy,
who tells a story about the designs she highlights in her blog.
Her blog is called
Boiserie & C.
she says "interior design is a reflection of the personality,
& it becomes the hallmark of everyday living in your space."
I admire her so much, love the way she presents her blog and, therefore,
her personality.  Hop over and introduce yourself when you have a moment.


This blog may not be new to some of you, as I know many of my friends already
follow Pamela, but if it is new to you I encourage you to gift yourself with a visit
to this enchanting and wonderful woman's place in blogland.

Pamela Terry & Edward
Edward, of course, is the big lovable white shaggy dog of hers.

From The House of Edward

Pamela has just published a little book which would make a wonderful gift to
our girlfriends, mothers, sisters, daughters.  In fact, Joni @ Cote d'Texas recently did a
post about Pamela and I'm going to include some of her words here:

One of my favorite blogs is The House of Edward, written by interior designer Pamela Terry.  Pamela started her blog a year after me, so she’s been at it for over four years now.  Although she is an interior designer by trade, her blog is filled with essays instead of design pictures.   The essays cover all topics – some sad, some poignant, others  wistful, or just plain funny.  Recently, Pamela collected her favorite essays and put them in book form – accompanied by illustrations of her big fluffy white dog Edward and herself – done by Amber Alexander.  



Below, please enjoy an essay from her book.
 Be forewarned – after reading the essay you will be yearning 
to host a fall dinner party for a few dear friends:

After the Dinner Party

The guests are all gone and the dishes are done.  
The cottage speaks only in whispers now, 
in the muffled tick tock tick of the old clock in the bookcase, 
in the now and then crackle of the diminishing blaze still slightly aglow within the stone fireplace. 

 Edward dozes at my feet as I sit comfortably curled like a cat, 
deep in the arms of the orange velvet chair, 
sipping a toddy that is warm and so sweet. 
The playful personality of the midnight wind has changed since the arrival of November.  
It sounds more serious somehow, moving through the black leaves 
outside with a purpose, sending shadows through the window panes, 
muted grey dancers that silently waltz round the candlelit walls.  
I watch them move and imagine the music only they can hear.  
Surely, this is the essence of contentment.  
It had been the best sort of day.  
One spent chopping and slicing, stirring and tasting; 
a day decorated with antique china and pink flowers,
 old-fashioned music and red, red wine, 
happy dog snapping under the chairs of happy dinner guests.  
The cottage had been redolent with the cozy fragrances 
of fresh apple pie, crusty bread, boeuf bourguignon simmering in a fat red pot – 
the menu I had promised for the first truly cold weekend of autumn. 
There had been spirited talk of books and of movies, music and Christmas, 
of Italian landscapes, bagpipes and Renaissance art.  
Cooking for friends, making them welcome, is such a satisfying occupation 
at any season of the year, but especially just now.  
When the nights become longer and the temperature drops it seems that a spirit 
of merriment knocks at the door, a woodland sorcerer clad in robes of crimson leaves and cardinal feathers whose talent is pure hospitality.  
I am happy to serve as his apprentice.  
An elegant soul, he is a bit more formal than his counterparts of summer, 
those alfresco fairies of barefoot spontaneity and pink champagne. 
 No, he seems to prefer dressier occasions - richer colours, richer foods.  
He is all red roses and tapestry, mulled wine and dark chocolate - 
his candles are scented with chestnuts and pomegranate, and he hides the recordings of Debussy, preferring to fill the house with Mozart instead.  
A most convivial fellow, I highly recommend giving him free rein in your household all season long.  
I promise you shall have even more fun than your guests.

of course, you see why I adore this blog, she makes everything magical
and at this moment we need "magical."

To order her book please go HERE

To enjoy her blog please hop HERE

In the spirit of sharing why don't you tell us about a blog you love which
we may not know about?

Good idea?  Yes, I think it is.

Thank each one of you for reading our international group each month.
Sometimes we cannot all participate, but we all support each other as much
as possible.

Members of "By Invitation Only" please link up below.



  1. Que du plaisir et du bonheur de vous suivre...
    gros bisous

  2. I absolutely adore the "After The Dinner Party" essay by inspiring! Thank you Marsha

  3. Hello Marsha:
    We do so agree that one of the great joys of the Blogosphere is the way in which it unites so many different people from around the world in a true spirit of friendship.

  4. Fabulous interesting ladies...I know Pamela's blog which I LOVE...I'm going to pop across and visit Eleanora's blog now; an interior designer in Rome I know I'm going to adore this...thank you for sharing Marsha.

  5. Thank you Marsha you just gave me several new blogs to go read and they all look like just my thing.

    Have a wonderful day and don't forget to vote!

  6. You have highlighted two beauiful blogs Marsha, one that I am very familiar with ( Pamela) but not the other so, a new blog for me to go and muse over.
    ...... and such an exciting day for America too. I shall be watching the news to see who gets in. It's so close isn't it ? I know who I would have voted for ! XXXX

  7. Lovely Marsha... and I adore the blogs you have shared... xv

  8. What a lovely post, Marsha! The sense of community and support has been one of the very best things about blogging.

  9. I too, am enamored with the blogs you shared...thanks so much. If only I could express myself like Pamela...What a gift!

  10. Truly a lovely and interesting post Marsha! Giving and taking - what can be better!
    Thank you again for initiating this monthly blog-event, for all the effort you put in to bring the blog world together!
    Will pop over to the several blogs you've generously mentioned a.s.a.p, just back from Germany and have to sort out La Pouyette, Mr. B and Oskar :).....

    Best wishes, karin

  11. I was so happy to participate this month, dear Marsha--this theme truly made me appreciate so much of the good things that I have in my life and share in the blogosphere. And how wonderful of you to feature Pamela, Edward and the amazing blog that they share together. For me, she is one of the people that raise the level of blogging to an art and I wish her so much success for her new book, she truly deserves it!

  12. So sorry Marsha, but life has just caught up with me today, I won't be able to contribute anything on this one,- thank you for another inspiring post, I've enjoyed the other contributions

  13. Emails alerted me to your wonderfully generous post, Marsha! What a treat to find on this stormy morning. Edward and I are quite humbled by your lovely words. Thank you so much! I am so tickled you enjoy the blog.
    pamela, and Edward too, of course

  14. Oh Marsha..such a gorgeous intro to two beautiful blogs!! Thank you, I am already enchanted!!

    Sending Love and hugs


    ady enchanted!

  15. What a lovely idea - I applaud the 1st Tuesday club. I'm often surprised at the generosity of some bloggers and the community spirit that grows. Lovely lovely site. Janine at

  16. Marsha, lovely, lovely, lovely! Reading Pamela's excerpt here, warmed my heart and soul! Thank you for sharing all these delightful, insightful women with us...N.xo

  17. Yes indeed, I agree it is the notion of sharing which makes blogs the wonderful channel for friendship which they can truly be. I have met so many friends from around the world, whom I would never have been able to stumble across in real life, just from the tyranny of distance, and how much richer my life has become because of it. And while there is never any substitute for travelling, and meeting people when doing so, connecting through blogs is the next closest, as it allows us to see things from another point of view, through these wonderful friendships. xx

  18. Dearest Marsha,

    I finally made the party, thank goodness! Life has been very strange this year which has kept me from doing the things I love!

    This month's theme has been a really nice one to be a part of, both meeting new bloggers and sharing friends. It has also reminded me to be ever so thankful for all the amazing people in the blogging community and how it has changed our lives.

    Thank you again for hosting this wonderful event each month Marsha, thank you.

    Sending love to you my dear friend! xx xCoty

  19. Hello Marsha

    What a beautiful theme this month. Sharing and giving the limelight to others is a beautiful trait you possess. I have so many favourite blogs, all beautiful and unique voices.
    Helen xx

  20. Great idea Marsha.....I would love to be apart of this.

  21. Thank you so much, Marsha, for this opportunity to connect to so many beautiful blogs by women all over. I intend to be a regular participant.

  22. hello marsha
    this lovely series has brought me to you and it is wonderful to get to meet you and other talented bloggers! i too adore pamela, and edward of course. you will see more of me!

  23. Some exciting blogs to explore - thank you Dear Marsha. Sharing your generous spirit as always. Fx

  24. Hi Marsha!!!!! I am back..cannot believe it. SO happy~ Hope you are well, what a beautiful post..cannot wait to go check out all these blogs! I plan on staying home all day and playing catch up. I so wish I could have participated but seeing we just back internet last night, totally impossible. I look forward to next month! I love this concept you were so brilliant to come up with and feel honored to be part of such a special group of talented women! Be well.....

  25. A huge thanks to you Marsha for including me in your favorite blogs! Your blog - site Splenderosa is endlessly inspiring to me so I was so happy to appear in this post! I think it's nice to support other bloggers, especially leave (ing?) rare comments! Grazie baci Eleonora

  26. I have just posted a review of Pamela's book, good to read yours.


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