Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chilliwick Lake, British Columbia, Canada

to all our friends in the east,
we feel your pain as we have been there before ourselves...

 everyone feels Mother Nature's wrath in some form somewhere,
and we know it is devastating to all life.

 neighbors helping neighbors is what it's all about now,
and we will rise to the occasion, just like we always do.

here in Houston there have been utility trucks sent to help with the downed power lines,
churches are delivering food and water via trucks to various hard-hit areas,
people are donating towels, sheets, household items by the dozens,
as well as new & gently used clothing for every age.
and we realize this is happening across the entire country.

this is when we all come together as Americans, hold hands & stand tall.



  1. Hello Marsha

    The goodness of people during these dark times for New Yorkers and surrounding states is bringing some light to the saddness. Canada has send Power(hydro) trucks to New York and Connecticut

    Let's pray the new week will resolve much.

    Helen xx

  2. I echo your sentiments Marsha. Thank you for saying it so beautifully.

  3. This is really all we can do, but it THE thing to do, isn't it my dear? Be well. Anita

  4. What a beautiful post Marsha. It's definitely a time for people to pull together when there's another storm coming this week. Thank you for this.


  5. Hi Marsha, You are so right - this is when America is at her best. Even the little state of Vermont has mobilized utility trucks to Connecticut and two catering companies from our area loaded trucks with donations and left yesterday for New York City. Last year when Vermont was devastated by 'Irene' we had help from neighbors Canada and New Hampshire. I hope once this is cleaned up people remember we are all in this together, and that, in fact, we can work together for the greater good.

  6. Thank you for a warming lovely post.I, unfortunately will pass on our By Invitation Only posting as for our 7th day we are still in the dark and quite cold. Most C.onnecticut residents have power except of course the highest taxed residents who receive the least amount of services. the gas lines are huge and police have been called to keep people calm.Let's not even mention business, it feels as if the ground just opened and I lost 10 years of business....not sure I will make it. But after living through the impact of the Tsunami that devastated part of Asia, I keep a perspective and even walked away from a lunch where insensitive spoiled ladies would not stop complaining about the unbearable hardship of living without electricity. It is sad to see people who are so self centered around their needs, that they have lost all sense of compassion.

    1. Francine, I have absolutely nothing in common with vapid women. Maybe I used to be one, but with experience & maturity and a bit of intelligence all of that seems shallow-minded. I am just so sad to hear this story. I have lovely friends who have a home in Greenwich & a beautiful apartment on Park Avenue next to the Regency hotel...they were in Europe when all this happened and when I spoke with her she had NO idea of when they could come home to check on their homes. You are a beautiful woman, my dear, and I so appreciate your taking the time to comment. NYC & all of the East coast will come back 10X better, And, I predict the loss of business will be recovered during the holidays. Sending love and a huge big Texas hug .....

  7. Well beautiful. I hope everyone remembers but for the grace of God, there go I. We need to help these poor people, and remember it could be us next.

  8. Just SO good post,Marsha................
    That´s realy ONE beautiful thing : being together when is painful and a difficult time ahead.

    Wish you a very good week,my dear friend!


  9. It truly is a horrible situation, and I feel helpless, but I continue to pray for those affected by this terrible storm.
    Happy Monday, sweet Marsha.

  10. Well said Sandra,
    I have family on Long Island. and NYC. It is cold and some power is on.
    There is a Nor Easter on it's way.
    Maine has set Men and nurses and food.
    We are one Nation.


  11. When it comes to Mother Nature fury everybody feel helpless.
    We can help by praying and sending food and clothes, that's what we do here in Brasil when tragedies happen.
    We are praying for all those affected by this terrible storm.

  12. I love how Americans unite when tragedy strikes. Very nice post.


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