Thursday, November 1, 2012

Saturday Evening Dinner Party

my dining room doesn't look like this one,
but I do love this one, don't you?

my dining room is bigger and has one entire wall of glass overlooking our back 
garden and pool, and there is a huge canvas on one wall, mostly in shades of blues,
depicting Notre Dame Cathedral as seen from the Seine.
this piece of art has been the focal point for over 20 years,
and the room was decorated to accommodate the piece.

but now, it looks dated to me even though I love the furniture, the chairs need
to be recovered because we need a new look, and the Persian rug on the
floor needs to move to a new place so the room can have a lighter feeling to it.

do you ever think this way?
suddenly, a room just doesn't suit you any longer?

I really love this image above. the serenity and, of course, the monochromatic scheme.
this is my favorite look now, everything shades of the same color.

but, back to the dinner party...

there will be 8 of us, and this is the kick-off to the holiday season.
between now and New Year's Eve there will be dinners, cocktails, events going on non-stop.

our home is like a soft contemporary with high ceilings and walls of glass, with large rooms,
so it's very easy for us to entertain as there is plenty of room for sitting comfortably.

in creating my menu I have tried to be festive and also kind of simple.
mostly because I will actually be doing all the prep and cooking.

for cocktails I'm thinking a big salmon board,
I have one of the commercial ones made of marble with pewter fish head & tail
which always makes a beautiful presentation.

then a beef tenderloin for the main course,
with a potato & onion terrine,
saute fresh asparagus, done so they are still slightly crispy,
and my hallmark salad of mixed greens,
feta cheese crumbles, sliced almonds & mandarin oranges,
with a blue cheese dressing.

and, ahhhhh, dessert....
unless it's a birthday or anniversary calling for a cake, 
I mostly do a tray of
petit fours
chocolate covered strawberries
small custard cups
& a beautiful tray of white cheeses and fresh fruit

I don't choose any of the drinks or wines, so cannot say what will happen
with this for next Saturday.

hopefully, I'll find something to wear, I saw the most beautiful
Eskandar navy outfit, a sparsely sequined bateau-necked tunic top with
very slim fitting navy pants which would allow me to wear some really
big wonderful jewelry.

Bon Appetit, Ya'll



Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Marsha:
The menu for your dinner party sounds positively delicious. We too always try for eight around the table as, or so we think, it is a good number, they can all be seated comfortably and it allows for variety.

Alas, our dining room is very much, as the rest of the rooms, shabby chic rather in the manner of the English country house. But that is what we know!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning, Marsha!

Oh that room, I agree that monochromatic themes suit ME as well, with lovely shades of the color for interest. I am in love with gray and white and natural tones of light wood and maybe during a holiday, a splash of color for a festive feel. But for the rest of the year, I prefer a peaceful setting of ALMOST minimalist proportions, with only the necessities at hand (for me that means chandeliers for lighting and some vintage collectables such as metal crowns!)


Susan Hawthorne said...

Your menu sounds delightful. Susan at Romancing the Home

michele said...

seriously delicious commentary there, marsha--yum!

happy november to you.


caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

omg Marsha your dinner menu sounds exquisite! I love to entertain too. great ideas! have a nice day, darling!

caroline @ patagonia gifts love knot jewelry

zanetastyle said...

Loving the gray beige feel of the room and the linen chairs...and the stripped wood table! Just fantastic...I would change the 3 sided fireplace into a more traditional one...but that is just me (((: I like the classic french stone feel...
Why is it that every time I try to do simple french country I end up with a blend of italian french and a bit of glamour? Also have just got a painting in blue-green tones to fit the colours in our dining room....not sure why I upholstered our chairs in leather instead of linen...? Oh well, at least I can wipe the kids mess off it easily. Do you have a modern house with some old furniture pieces?

hugs Z

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

It ALL sounds so wonderful. I would love to see pictures of the party! Being a guest in your home must be magical!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...


I love parties! It sounds as if you have a wonderful meal planned. I am looking forward to hearing all about it.

My favorite thing for parties, is to serve a wheel of brie cheese baked until almost bursting, then covered in a sauce of brown sugar, butter and pecans! Served with soft french bread or crackers.

As for dessert, that is my favorite part of the meal! I cannot get enough!

Have a fabulous weekend! Elizabeth

LPC said...

Wish I were there:).