Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving....the Saturday Before

At this time it's hard to think about anything else but food, isn't it?

Helen Mirren was on Jimmy Fallon last night and said,
 "of course, we celebrate Thanksgiving, I'm married to an American."  
Then she described how it took her husband 3 days to make the cornbread dressing. 
 I'm smiling right along with her as she tells the story.  
It seems the "dressing" just continues to grow as you make it and finally consumes
many different bowls and pans, and as she said you end up with enough to last until
next Thanksgviving.

We make cornbread dressing too, it's so good everyone actually looks forward to
taking leftovers home...hence the need for great quantities of the stuff. 

Always make fresh cranberry sauce too...I use oranges or Mandarine oranges
in mine, along with pecans.  Just so so good.

The other thing that is a must do is our version of
Sweet Potatoes,
and, yes, I use the canned ones because it's quicker (don't condemn me, please), but after that the real process begins.  brown sugar, orange juice, molassas all cooked down until thickened,
kinda smash up the potatoes, add lots of real butter, and
put tiny marshmallows all over the top...pop into the oven at 400 and bake until
marshmallows are browned.  Heavenly, that's all there is to it !

Pumpkin Chiffon Pie,
my recipe appeared here a couple of weeks ago

But,  for now, the Saturday before Thanksgiving, the shopping at all the various
stores and markets begins. Whole Foods, Central Market, Rice Epicurean,
we now have a new Trader Joe's, and Kroger...
the wines, the spirits, the appetizers, the other side dishes and the desserts in abundance.

 looking at these holiday tables and beautiful photos of food preparations
certainly gets one in the mood for the big day don't they?

imagine how much fun for the little ones to make these little leaf place cards

fruit as centerpieces, along with the moss, is just lovely

ok, now out the door for the basics of this wonderful festive meal....

more tomorrow on the countdown.




Blondie's Journal said...

I love Helen Mirren...she is classy and elegant. I wish I had seen that show. Your sweet potatoes sound delicious! I just received a recipe for a sweet potato souffle that sounds heavenly!

Happy Saturday!


Eleonora Boiserie & C. said...

I find 2° img wonderful: Beautiful inspiration...
Happy Thanksgviving.

The enchanted home said...

GORGEOUS inspiration. Almost makes me wish I was hosting, but this year I am going to sit back and be a guest.....enjoy!

zanetastyle said...

Can we have our cornbread dressing recipe? You will have a delicious meal I am sure! Enjoy(: happy thanksgiving!

Acquired Objects said...

I always look forward to the cooking, the cooking to me is half the holiday so it's a joy to cook for days! I make a sauage sage stuffing and always make an extra small dish just for the husband after the holiday he can't get enough.

Enjoy your Sunday and Happy Thanksgiving!

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

I'll take a portion of the pumpkin chiffon pie please Marsha, sounds delicious. X

Monica said...

Loved all these beautiful table settings and I am with you on the sweet potatoes...a little help to begin never hurts...Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week and know that I am grateful for all those that surround me and for your blog...and the music too!!!

Veronica said...

It all sound quite exquisite and now I am starving!! I hope that you have had a fabulous and memorable Thank Giving, dear Marsha!

Sending Lotsa Love