Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Beautifully Simple, Beautifully Opulent

Corail Or
Medard de Noblat

Service Porcelaine Corail Or Médard  Médard de Noblat  MÉDARD DE NOBLAT

I am just in love with this design, the beauty of white porcelain with undulating edges,
understated ribbing, give these plates all the delicacy of a scallop shell.

Objects like these take time to create.
Those fabulous gilt edges are all handpainted in Limoges, 
the way such porcelain has been produced since the days of
Marie Antoinette.

My daughter has her antique and vintage white ironstone which, for me,
is just too chunky, but I could definitely go for this.

Unfussy in the most sumptuous way.

not dishwasher safe, to be sure.

I've inherited or collected beautiful china over the years, I'll see something at an antique shop
and buy the set, or on e-bay, and so forth,
but I don't have anything like this beautiful design.

maybe it's time to replace the Lenox I received for my 1st wedding?
believe me, I use this all the time, so don't laugh...

 What do you guys think of the new china design?
Would you invest in this?
Would you use it?

Or is this something for a new bride?



simone said...

I love it, the gold edging gives it a classic & timeless look, I would buy it :) Xx

therelishedroost said...

Agreed!! I love my wrap bracelet, just received it today !!! Thank you, Karolyn

Kare said...

I would not buy the whole set. I would buy the salad/ desert plates.

Entertaining Women said...

Go for it!...From your favorite enabler...Cherry Kay

Rhiannon said...

Oh I adore the coquille lines, so beautiful. I live in Mexico's equivalent to the Amalfi Coast (mostly according to people who've never been there, but I can see their reasoning) and the subtly nautical feel is ringing my bell in a major way. I think I'd prefer it with platinum banding, but they're positively breathtaking. I don't believe in bridal registries for couples older than thirty, but I might have to change my mind for this one and sign myself up.

Rhiannon said...

Oh I love it. I live on the beach in the Mexican equivalent of the Amalfi Coast (usually this comparison is made by people who've never been there, but I can see their reasoning)and the coquille-inspired lines are ringing my bell in all sorts of ways. Truth be told though, I think I might actually prefer the banding in platinum. Unfortunately I doubt it's a decision I'll ever have the luxury to make.

vicki archer said...

I adore the two top versions Marsha... yes, do it if you can.. why not... dining is so much a part of our lives that we must enjoy every aspect of it... xv

The enchanted home said...

Stunning...anything with a scallop is instant love for me!

celkalee said...

Absolutely beautiful, delicate, very special. I agree that maybe a few pieces for salad or desert would round out your Vintage Lenox. May I add, I live near a Lenox factory and spent some time there a couple weeks ago. Your pattern and three or four like it are still produced and most popular. I gave in and picked up the Christmas Tartan, the whole set, service for 8 plus additional pieces of Winter Greetings! Dishes are art for me so I am certainly not the one to be reasonable. Indulge if you are able, we only live once, so live well is my motto!

The French Maid said...

This set is stunning! I've been collecting all sorts of dishes for years, and enjoy every single piece I own! I love to mix and match and surprise guests into thinking my dinner party tablescapes are something I did just for that event, but mostley it's just changing up combos of patterns, linens, and centerpieces. Your classic set just can't be beat, like a lovely strand of forever pearls, and I know you have many happy memories around your table enjoying them with loved ones.

Jennifer Beaudet said...

I love the first one. I would definitely invest in this! Gorgeous!

Maryanne White said...

I don't think I have every seen anything as beautiful!!.... I'm smiling, I am still using the dishes from my first wedding as well, unfortunately no one seems to mind.

Maryanne White said...

I don't think I have seen anything as beautiful! .....I'm smiling, I am still using the same dishes from my first wedding, unfortunately no one seems to mind.

Anonymous said...

The ruffle look is very pretty they seem delicate. I think they are beautiful and would make a very lovely wedding gift for sure. Your first set of china is still a wonderful choice I think too.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Yes I would invest in a set of them they are beautiful and delicate looking. I also like your first set of china. I love gold edged china...